The second world war

  • The start of the war

    The start of the war
    This was the event that started WWII as it marks the period were Britain and France finally decided to do something about Hitler's massive record of breaking signed treaties and taking over many smaller countries,
  • Period: to

    The phoney war~

    A time when France refused to attack Nazi Germany due to fear of retaliation even though it had a clear chance of first strick
  • Period: to

    US neutrality

    The U.S does not join the war
  • U-56 fails to sink S.S Nelson

    U-56 fails to sink S.S Nelson
    This was a failure of sinking a ship with 3very important leaders were on the ship, including Winston Churchill, Dudley Pound, and Charles Forbes aboard, Plus it happened on my birthday
  • Period: to

    The winter war

    the war with Finland and the Soviets that resulted in the soviet union making itself look like a laughing stock for 11% of the country (one sniper was able to neutralize almost 300 soviet soldiers
  • Fall Gelb

    Fall Gelb
    This was one out of two of Hitler's attack operations on France, Which included the surrender of France's best armies, the retreat of Britains at Dunkirk forced France to surrender in two months
  • Period: to

    France in WW2

    How long France fought before defeat
  • start of the Battle of britain

    start of the Battle of britain
    This was a major, mainly ariel battle between Britain and Germany, lasting as long as the entire time France was fighting in ww2, the Brits were able to keep air control in the north sea and English channel, and German plane after german plane fell due to Englands superior plane finding technology
  • Period: to

    Battle of Britain

    The time span of the battle of Britain
  • France surrenders

    France surrenders
    France was defeated after only a few months of the fighting and German parades start in Paris to show off their quick victory
  • Period: to

    The holocaust

    The murder of 12million, Non-German about half Jewish people do to Zyklon B in camps designed to force people to work until they were useless as a result of Hitler's "final solution" plan and Aryans are the best ideology
  • Land lease act

    Land lease act
    An important act which allowed the U.S to send help and supplies to any country at risk of axis invasions, such as China, Soviet Union, United Kingdom, ETC, Plans, Men, Food, Oil and all types of heavily needed supply were given to countries at war with Japan or Germany.
  • Start of Operation Barbarossa

    Start of Operation Barbarossa
    This was the Nazi attack that put the Soviets on the allies' side, one of the many things that made Germany lose WW2
  • Period: to

    Operation Barbarossa

    The length of operation Barbarossa
  • Pearl Harbor

    Pearl Harbor
    Japan attacks the U.S, Forcing the nation to war, Almost 2000 U.S sailors die and large ships sunk to the ocean floor, this would change America to ideology and beliefs to a massive extent, and "awaken the sleeping giant" or "awaken the sleeping bear"
  • The U.S declares war on Japan Ending nuetrality

    The U.S declares war on Japan Ending nuetrality
    The day after the attacks of U.S naval ships on pearl harbor, The U.S officially declare war, This will "Always be remembered"
  • Period: to


    These are the years the U.S was fighting for freedom in ww2,
  • Germany and Italy declares war on the U.S

    Germany and Italy declares war on the U.S
    Germany declares war on the Sleeping giant a few days after the U.S declares war on Japan,
  • The Battle of Singapore

    The Battle of Singapore
    A 7-day fight for British Singapore, Were the Japanese trapped the commonwealth troops by passing an "impassible" jungle, 60,000 British soldiers captured
  • Battle Of The Java sea

    Battle Of The Java sea
    American, British, Australian and Dutch forces incaged the advancing Japanese invade force, The Japanese won the battle without losing a single ship well 3ABDA destroyers sink, in just a day
  • The battle of Coral sea

    The battle of Coral sea
    The first actual major battle of the pacific front, And the first were ships didn't see or derectly fire at each other, With 2 allies, The U.S and Australia against the Japanese navy
  • Battle of Midway

    Battle of Midway
    A major battle, Japan attempted to invade Midway but the U.S military managed to break the code, allowing the U.S for a quick retaliation, four Japanese aircraft carriers sunk to the ocean floor in the 3day battle, a defeat the Japanese could never recover
  • Period: to

    The island hopping campaign,

    A long series of battles were U.S troops lead my MacArthur took islands that Japan has conquered and use them to take other islands, some of ww2s bloodiest battles in proportion were fought during this time
  • The battle of stalingrad

    The battle of stalingrad
    A massive German vs. The SovietUnion battle that lasted months, 2million troops fought in close quarters and thousands of Russian civilians killed, it marked the turning point in the war when the Germans lost the battle
  • Period: to

    The battle of stalingrad

    The timespan of this massive battle
  • Invasion of Italy,

    Invasion of Italy,
    Britains main war strategy was to invade Italy and attack Germany by the south After North Africa was secure from the axis Sicily and eventually, Italy was taken, mainly British operation
  • Period: to

    Invasion of Italy,

    The time span of the invasion of italy
  • The battle of Kursk

    The battle of Kursk
    A major Soviet vs Germany battle which marks the end of Germany's ability to decisively attack of the eastern front, 2400tanks were used along with nearly 2,000,000troops
  • Period: to

    The battle of Kursk

    The length of the battle of Kursk in time
  • The battle of tarawa

    The battle of tarawa
    This battle was in the middle of McArthur's island hopping or leapfrog campaign which is a series of battles that lead the U.S to shooting distance to Japan, only 17 Japanese soldiers survived the fighting, and showed how stubborn the Japanese were
  • The D day invasion

    The D day invasion
    The largest Beach landing invasion of all time, it was the successful Allied invasion that took east Europe out of German control, the attack took months to plan, it even included double agents and convincing the Germans that'll come from other parts of the map
  • Paris is liberated

    Paris is liberated
    Paris, taken by the Nazis in the year 1940 lost it on this date, Americans marched on the same streets as the Nazi parades when the allies took the city
  • Operation DOWNFALL was Planned

    Operation DOWNFALL was Planned
    This secret American operation would've been a bigger invasion then D'day but was not executed due to Japanese surrendering because of the nuclear stricks against Hiroshima and Nagasaki, which was predicted to kill over 2,000,000peaple almost 50% civilian
  • Fall of the Berlin

    Fall of the Berlin
    This was the end of Germany in ww2, As the Russians invaded Berlin of the cities East and North front and easily took the city
  • The end of the holocaust

    The end of the holocaust
    The end of the mass genocide of Jewish citizens
  • The first nuclear weapon used in combat

    The first nuclear weapon used in combat
    This event would change the globe forever as nuclear weapons would open up a new line of conflicts between nations, and even mark the time were humans could destroy the globe, And arise a new threat of another world war