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Major Events Throughout The U.S. Navy's History

  • The beginning

    Established when the Continental Congress saw a need to defend their seas from the British
  • First Victory

    John Paul Jones lead the U.S. Navy to its first victory
  • Naval Act

    Congress signs the Naval Act of 1794, calling for a strong military defense including a navy
  • Department of the Navy

    Department of the Navy
    The Department of the Navy created
  • Quasi War

    “The Quasi War” broke out on the high sea between France and the U.S.
  • North African Pirates

    The U.S. Navy defeats North African pirates and keeps trade passages clear
  • Issues with Britain

    The USS Chesapeake is captured by the Royal Navy
  • War of 1812

    The Royal Navy largely outnumbers the U.S. but is still defeated in the majority of important battles of the War of 1812
  • British Attack

    British fire cannon balls upon the USS Constitution
  • U.S. takes over British Ship

    The USS Chesapeake takes over the Royal Navy’s Shannon, earning another victory for U.S.
  • Dispute Over The Great Lakes

    British forces attempted to regain control of the Great Lakes during the War of 1812 but were stopped by America’s Navy
  • Period: to

    Barbary Pirate Raid

    Two U.S. Navy squadrons end raids from Barbary pirates in the Mediterranean during the War of 1812
  • Period: to

    U.S. Guards the Mediteranean

    The Mediterranean was experiencing more Barbarian attack, President Monroe sent vessels to end disputes
  • Mexico City Take Over

    U.S. lands twelve thousand soldiers on Mexican beaches. U.S. Takes over Mexico City
  • Treaty of Kanagawa

    Treaty of Kanagawa
    Oliver Hazzard Perry and his squadron traveled to Japan and signed The Treaty of Kanagawa opening trade
  • Battle of Gloucester Point

    Battle of Gloucester Point
    First Naval operation of the Civil War, Battle of Gloucester Point
  • Period: to

    Civil War

  • First ironclash

    At the Battle of Hampton Roads, first ever ironclad clash
  • Union over Confederacy

    Battle of Fort Jackson, Battle of Saint Phillip: Union Navy takes over Confederate port at New Orleans, creating an advantage
  • Submarine Warfare

    Charleston, South Carolina: creation of American submarine warfare
  • Underwater Mines

    Underwater Mines
    Confederates invent the first Naval mine used in the Battle of Mobile Bay
  • End of Confederacy

    Union Navy shuts off final Confederate port ending the rebellion
  • Spanish-American War

    Spanish-American War
    The need for a strengthened Navy is made apparent at the beginning of the Spanish-American War with the explosion of the USS Maine
  • Victory over Spanish

    U.S. Navy victory again Spanish at Battle of Manila Bay
  • Guantanamo Bay

    Guantanamo Bay
    U.S. Navy captured Guantanamo Bay
  • Battle of Santiago de Cuba

    Battle of Santiago de Cuba
    U.S. Navy destroys the whole Spanish Caribbean Navy at the Battle of Santiago de Cuba
  • First American Submarine

    First American submarine is added to the Navy, the USS Holland
  • Navy Reserve

    Navy Reserve
    Navy Reserve is created
  • Use of Reserves

    Reserves are put to action in WWI
  • First Victory Against Germany

    First American naval victory of WWI against Germany
  • End of Sea Battles With Germany

    Navy engages with another German vessel, sinks it, and brings the war at sea to a close
  • Personnel Limit

    End of the Naval Act of 1916 Limit put on amount of ships and personnel allowed in each nation’s Navy
  • First Aircraft Carrier

    First Aircraft Carrier
    The first Aircraft Carrier, the USS Langley is commissioned

    First modern RADAR system created
  • Aid To Nicaragua

    Aid To Nicaragua
    U.S. Navy sends the USS Lexington to Nicaragua following a serious earthquake, this is the first time a naval vessel was used for this purpose
  • New Missile Technology

    Development of potential radio guided missile technology
  • Underwater Fueling

    First successful underwater refueling
  • Pearl Harbor

    Pearl Harbor
    Japanese bombs are dropped on Pearl Harbor. Many ships are damaged and some are destroyed or sunk like the USS Arizona
  • Vital Japanese Intel Discovered

    Navy cryptanalysts crack Japanese general communication code revealing vital information
  • Doolittle Raid

    Doolittle Raid
    U.S. Navy and Army forces work together to successfully pull off the Doolittle Raid in Japan
  • Period: to

    Battle of Coral Sea

    The first major use of U.S. aircraft carriers took place during the Battle of Coral Sea
  • Midway Attack

    Attack on Midway
  • Period: to

    Battle of Midway

    The Navy’s success contributes to the turning point of the war
  • USS Yorktown Hit By Two Japanese Missiles

    USS Yorktown Hit By Two Japanese Missiles
    Japanese submarines launch four torpedoes, hitting USS Yorktown twice
  • Official End of Battle of Midway

    USS Yorktown is left to sink in the Pacific Ocean, this is the official end of the battle
  • Working With Allied Forces, WWII

    U.S. Navy fight with allied forces in the Atlantic contributing to the surrender of Nazi Germany
  • Attack On Japanese Vessels and Aircraft

    The huge attack and defense from the U.S. Navy on Japanese planes and vessels.
  • Kamikaze Pilots

    Kamikaze Pilots
    Japanese suicide pilots attack U.S. ships, Admiral Thomas Sprague leads powerful attacks on Japan, ending their attacks
  • Battle At Leyte Gulf

    Battle At Leyte Gulf
    The Navy supports Army and Marine forces in Japan during the Battle at Leyte Gulf. Japan surrenders on USS Missouri
  • First African American Flight Officer

    First African American Flight Officer
    The U.S.’s first African American flight officer, Jesse L. Brown is commissioned
  • Period: to

    Korean War

  • Chumonchin Chan

    U.S. and British naval forces work together to destroy Korean boats at the Battle of Chumonchin Chan
  • First Nuclear Powered Submarine

    First Nuclear Powered Submarine
    The first nuclear powered submarines sets sail, starting the use of nuclear powered naval fleets
  • The Big Navy Act

    The Big Navy Act
    The Big Navy Act is passed calling for a naval force larger than Britain’s
  • First Nuclear Powered Aircraft Carrier

    First Nuclear Powered Aircraft Carrier
    The USS Enterprise becomes the first nuclear powered aircraft carrier
  • Battle of Dong Hoi

    Battle of Dong Hoi
    The Battle of Dong Hoi marks the first naval air raid since WWII
  • Invasion of Sidra Gulf

    Invasion of Sidra Gulf
    Two F-15s shoot down two Libyan Su-22s after the invasion of the Sidra Gulf
  • Navy and Air Force Fighter Pilots attack Libyan Forces

    U.S. Air Force and Navy fighter pilots attack Libyan forces after a Berlin bombing
  • Largest American Battle since WWII

    USS Samuel B. Roberts makes contact with an underwater mine and suffers huge damages in the Persian Gulf, this lead to the largest American naval battle since WWII
  • Missile Launched on Bosnian Serbs

    Missile Launched on Bosnian Serbs
    The U.S. launches a missile on Bosnian Serbs in an attempt to free hostages
  • Period: to

    End to Ethnic Cleansing

    The Navy works alongside NATO forces bombing Yugoslavia in an attempt to end ethnic cleansing
  • Medical Aid Following 9/11

    Medical Aid Following 9/11
    U.S. Navy hospital ships head to Manhattan to aid those effected by the terrorist attacks on 11 September 2001
  • Humanitarian Support in South East Asia

    Humanitarian Support in South East Asia
    USNS, the Navy’s hospital ship, travels to South East Asia after an intense earthquake and tsunami to provide medical support
  • USNS Medical Support After Hurricane Katrina

    USNS Medical Support After Hurricane Katrina
    Immediately following Hurricane Katrina, USNS heads to New Orleans for medical support
  • USNS Aid After Earthquake in Haiti

    USNS Aid After Earthquake in Haiti
    USNS aids Haiti after a devastating earthquake
  • Medical Aid To Japan Following Earthquake

    Medical Aid To Japan Following Earthquake
    USS Ronald Reagan and multiple hospital ships ship out to Japan after the devastating earthquake and tsunami
  • Bin Laden Executed

    Bin Laden Executed
    Navy SEAL Team Six enters the hideout of Osama Bin Laden and successfully executes him
  • Medical Relief to Phillipines After Typhoon Haiyan

    Medical Relief to Phillipines After Typhoon Haiyan
    USNS heads to the Philippines for medical aid after Typhoon Haiyan
  • Present Day

    Present Day