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World War II Matt Rolfson

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  • U-boats sink merchant vessels

    The battle of the Atlantic started at the beginning of WW2 when U boats started unconventinal warfare and used subs to strike at any body in view.
  • Vichy France begins

    Vichy France begins with a constitutional law where only 80 members of the parliament voted against.
  • Battle for Britain

    This was the was the battle between the RAF and the German Luftwaffe, as bombing during the day in the summer of 1940 tried to destroy Britain's air force by attacking RAF airfields.
  • FDR approves “shoot on sight”

    Roosevelt approved “shoot on sight” because Germany had been attacking U.S. ships.
  • Japan joins Axis

    Japan joins the Axis Powers because Japan had goals to control the Pacific.
  • Hitler Invades

    This is when Hitler broke the Non-Aggression pacy between him and Stalin and then invades the Soviet Union
  • Pearl Harbor attacked

    The Japanese Navy made its attack on Pearl Harbor on the morning of December 7, 1941
  • Japanese ambassadors arrive in Washinton, DC

    The Japanese ambassadors arrived in Washington, DC on the day Pearl Harbor was attacked to destroy all official documents as well as deliver a 14-page document to the Secretary of State at a specific time that day.
  • Germany and Italy declare war on US

    December 11 in 1941 was the day that Hitler and Italy declared war on the United States
  • MacArthur promises to return

    This was when MacArthur promised to return to the fight for the freedom of the Phillipines from Japanese invasion.
  • Bataan Death March

    Bataan ---- This was a forced march of 70,000 U.S. and Filipino POWS who had been captured by the Japanese in the Philippines. From the southern end of the Bataan Peninsula, the ill-treated prisoners were forceed to march 63 miles to a prison camp. Only 54000 prisoners lived to reach the camp and up to 10,000 died on the way while others escaped in the jungle. In 1946 the Japanese commander of the march was convicted by a U.S. military commission and executed.
  • Battle of Coral Sea

    This was a major battle in the Pacific theater of World War II between the Japanese Navy and Allied naval and air forces from the U.S. and Australia.
  • Battle of Midway

    This was a major battle between the U.S. and Japan. Japan was unable to beat the U.S. air power and abandoned efforts to land on Midway.
  • General Eisenhower and his forces land in North Africa

    The so called "Operation Tourch"was the British and American invasion of French and North Africa in World War II during the N. African campain.
  • End of Battle of Stalingrad

    The surrender of the German Army.
  • Rome falls

    This happened following the bombings of Rome, Italy. 600 aircraft were lost and 3,600 air crew members died
  • Guadalcanal

    The battle of Guadalcanal was fought between August 7, 1942 and February 9, 1943 on the island of Guadalcanal in the Pacific between the Japenese and the US
  • Sicily falls

    Following the fall of Sicily in August of 1943, Mussolinni and Italy surrendered to the Allies in September
  • D Day

    June 6, 1944 was when the Allied forces invaded France on the beaches at Normandy under the direction of Supreme Allied Commander Dwight D Eisenhower.
  • Kamikaze attacks begin

    These suicide missions involved Japenese pilots flying planes into buildins, ships, and other things even though they were generally unaffected.
  • MacArthur returns

    The Battle of Leyte in 1944 was located in the Phillipenes when MacArthur fullfilled his promise to return and fight.
  • Battle of the Bulge

    This was the last major push by the Germans in December 1944. It was a complete surprise at the beginnign but was an complete failure in it’s intended goals. Not only where men and equipment wasted, but the little fuel they had left was used up or destroyed as well. The losses of tens of thousands of battle-hardened troops from the eastern front no doubt shortened that theater by a decent amount.
  • US flag raised on Mt. Suribachi

    This was when five United States Marines and a U.S. Navy corpsman raised the flag of the US on the top Mount Suribachi during the Battle of Iwo Jima in World War II.
  • Truman becomes president

    The 33rd President of the US when he succeeded to the presidency when President Roosevelt died less than three months after beginning his fourth term.
  • Hitler goes bye bye

    On April 30, Hitler and his newly wed wife decide to commit suicide as their bunker in getting surrounded.
  • V-E Day

    This is the day of victory in Europe for the Allies in World War 2 and it is also the day of the formal surrender of the German armies.
  • Okinawa taken

    Okinawa, Japan was taken on June 22 after what was one of the largest amphibian assults of all time.
  • Hiroshima

    This was the first city in Japan that "Little Boy" was dropped on to, killing thousans of people living in this city.
  • Nagasaki

    This is the city where the second and last use of an atomic bomb for leathal reasons took place. Killed 60,000–80,000 people.
  • Japan Surrenders

    This was the date that Japan surrendered its military and country to the United States following the bombing of it’s two cities. The treaty was signed aboard the USS Missouri
  • V- J Day

    This was the date that Japan surrendered its military and country to the United States following the bombing of it’s two cities. The treaty was signed aboard the USS Missouri