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World War 2 Timeline

By bonec
  • Invasion of Manchuria

     Invasion of Manchuria
    Japan invade Manchuria and successfully take it. China tried to defend it but were not able to.
    Why? They were told not to do it but they learned the world was all talk and no action. They did it to gain land and to set up military and naval buildup.
  • Blitzkrieg into Poland

    Blitzkrieg into Poland
    Germany rolls into Poland after agreeing to split it up with Russia while using blitzkrieg aka lighting war. This was the movement of troops who were supported by air force.
    Why?- This is important because this was the on of the first major countries they invaded. Gaining land for them.
  • Battle of the Atlantic

    Battle of the Atlantic
    The Allies move across the Atlantic in hopes to form a blockade from the axis. This resulted in many air battles between the allies and axis. The battle Lasted from September 3rd 1939 to may 8th 1945
    Why- The Allies had realized Hitler was growing an empire and they knew he wouldn't stop. So the Allies began to attack Hitlers army starting from the Atlantic ocean.
  • Battle of dunkirk

    Battle of dunkirk
    The battle of Dunkirk was the result of France being taken over by the Germans. When France was taken over our troops and allies in France were trapped on the coast. With no cover the allies were forced to retreat but unfortunately there wasn't enough ships to bring all the troops back. Resulting in many losing their lives to Germans before escaping. The battle lasted from may 5 to June 4 1940
    Why- This impacted the war because this showed us how we were up against a very powerful enemy.
  • The German Invasion of France

    The German Invasion of France
    Hitler orders the Third Reich to invade and take over France. With many lives lost the French Army couldn't hold off the Nazis and were taken over. The Invasion lasted from May 10 1940 to June 25 1940.
    Why- Hitler wanted to expand his empire and once he gained France he wanted to establish a group of French leaders to dictate the now taken over France.
  • Battle of Britian

    Battle of Britian
    The Battle of Britain was when the Royal Air force were forced to defend against bombing runs from Germans in their attempt to take over Britain. This battle lasted from July 10th to October 31 1940
    Why- This was important to the war because Britain was the last of the allies left, and they were capable of defending themselves against the German.
  • Germany Take greece

    Germany Take greece
    The Germans take Greece in order to help their ally Italy.
    Why- This allowed them to control the Mediterranean sea.
  • Operation Barabosa

    Operation Barabosa
    This was the operation name for the Germans invading Russia. The operation of Barabosa took place from June 22 to December 5th 1941.
    Why- This was surprising to many because the Germans had made an Alliance with Russia but betrayed their word.
  • Pearl Harbor

    Pearl Harbor
    The Japanese attack a naval base in Hawaii named Pearl Harbor which was the house for most of our Aircraft carriers. Luckily the carriers were out on a run when the attack began.
    Why- The Japanese wanted to destroy our Carriers to prevent us from stopping them from taking over the pacific.
  • Philippines Campaign

    Philippines Campaign
    The Philippines are fought over between America and the Japanese. Unfortunately the Japanese were successful in taking over the Philippines. The campaign took place in December 8th 1941 to May 8th 1942.
    Why- The result was the Japanese taking over the Philippines and taking many prisoners with it. The treatment of the prisoners were awful, resulting in malnurishment of prisoners along with be headings to produce fear.
  • Yalta Conference

    Yalta Conference
    This was a conference between the three allied nations leaders. They met to come up with their plan to stop Hitler and his army.
    Why- The conference was very important to the war because this allowed the leaders to come up with their plan to stop Hitler and the Axis Powers.
  • Bataan Death March

    Bataan Death March
    Once the Japanese had taken over the Philippines they ordered all the prisoners of war on a march towards one of the camps. The march was brutal resulting in many prisoners losing their lives.
    Why- Knowing the climate and dangers of wildlife in the jungles of the Philippines many prisoners lost their lives and any who couldn't keep up were beheaded.
  • The Doolittle Raid

    The Doolittle Raid
    The Americans launched a surprise attack on Japan. America had multiple air raids on the islands of japan and Tokyo.
    Why- This allowed us to test out tactic called firebombing which was when we would drop a fire bomb down and another bomb to spread the fires. This actually ended up working.
  • Battle of the Coral Sea

    Battle of the Coral Sea
    This was a large battle at sea. The battle was between the Japanese and the Americans. The battle lasted from May 4th to May 8th 1942.
    Why- The Japanese were planning on invading Australia but the U.S and Australia were capable of repelling the invasion.
  • Battle of the Midway

    Battle of the Midway
    The Battle of the Midway was a naval battle over the midway islands.Many losses on both sides but America was able to win the battle and recapture the Midway islands. The battle lasted from June 4th to June 7th 1942
    Why- After Japan originally captured it we needed it if we wanted to push back the Japanese.
  • The Battle of Stalingrad

    The Battle of Stalingrad
    The battle of Stalingrad was when the Germans began to attack Russia and their main focus was on Stalingrad. However The Russians wouldn't let it go by so fast. They fought until the Germans gave up due to the brutal Russian winters. The Battle lasted from August 17th 1942 to February 2nd 1943
    Why- This showed that the Russians were capable of holding off the Nazis even with their lack of equipment.
  • Guadalcanal Campaign

    Guadalcanal  Campaign
    This was a battle between the Allied nations and Imperial Japan. The battle was over the Solomon islands which lots of bloodshed happened. The battle lasted from August 7th 1942 to February 7th 1943
    Why- The Allied Nations were beginning to push the Japanese back
  • El Alamein

    El Alamein
    The British began attacking the German Railroads in Egypt which was transporting equipment and oil for troops in Europe. Resulting in an Allied victory. This lasted from October 23rd to November 5th 1942
    Why- Once the Germans had taken most of Europe they began in Africa which was known for lots of oil. The British were capable to push the Germans out of Africa preventing them form gaining oil.
  • Operation Torch

    Operation Torch
    The allied nations begin their attack against Hitler and his army in French North Africa. Which began the North African Campaign.
    Why- This began their plan to attack Hitlers empire from the belly.
  • The Battle of Kursk

    The Battle of Kursk
    This Battle was between Russia and Nazi Germany over the Location of Kursk Russia. Resulting in a Russian Victory. The Battle lasted from July 5th 1943 to July 23 1943
    Why- The Germans were losing many battles in Russia at this point due to the brutal winters and their soldiers not being fully equipped giving the Russian the advantage.
  • Battle of Anzio

    Battle of Anzio
    The Battle of Anzio was a battle between the Americans and Italians over Anzio Italy. This battle began after the British had pushed the Nazis out of Africa. The battle lasted from January 22nd to June 5th 1944
    Why- Italy was one of the Axis powers. Therefore once the allies took it out the teams would be odd Meaning Russia Britian and the U.S vs Japan and Nazi Germany
  • D-Day Invasion

    D-Day Invasion
    D-Day was the day the allies sent troops to storm the beaches of Normandy France. The day became infamous because of all the blood shed during this battle.
    Why- This was a turning point for the war because the allies successfully took the beach leading them to liberate France and begin breaking apart Hitlers army.
  • The Battle of Leyte Gulf

    The Battle of Leyte Gulf
    The Battle of Leyte Gulf was the largest naval battle between the United States and Imperial Japan. The battle took place in Leyte Gulf, Philippines. The battle lasted from October 23rd to October 26th 1944
    Why- This battle was important because the Americans needed to take back the Philippines and this battle allowed them to get closer to this.
  • Battle of the Bulge

    Battle of the Bulge
    The Allied nations pushed into France but were attacked by the Germans to prevent them from advancing. Fortounatley the German attack failed. This Battle lasted from December 16th 1944 to January 25 1945
    Why- This was important because this was the last time the Germans were in position to advance now they could only defend
  • Battle of Iwo Jima

    Battle of Iwo Jima
    This was a major battle between America and the Japanese Imperial Army. They fought over two islands one being Iwo Jima. The battle lasted from February 19th to March 26th 1945
    Why- The Japanese were struggling at this point in the war allowing the Allies to begin closing in on them.
  • The Battle of Okinawa

    The Battle of Okinawa
    This battle was between the Americans and Japan.The battle took place on the island of Okinawa. This battle was known as one of the bloodiest battle between the Japanese and Americans. Resulting in an allied victory
    Why- This was the last battle during the push to Japan.
  • Hitlers Suicide/ German Surrender

    Hitlers Suicide/ German Surrender
    Hitler had been hiding in his underground bunker since the Allied Nations had made into Germany. Here Hitler was sending his orders to his army. Until the Allies began to close in on his position he decided to take his own life rather than be taken in to custody.
    Why-Once Hitler committed suicide meaning the Germans would have to surrender.
  • Bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki

    Bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki
    The bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki was the ending point of World War 2. Since America had dropped the first nuclear bombs the Japanese were confused to see how one bomb could do so much destruction. So they surrendered knowing that Japan would be no more if more nukes continued to drop. The bombing was on August 6-9th 1945.
    Why- This impacted the war because Japan surrendered after this and this began the Nuclear era in which our world became introduced to nuclear weapons of mass destruction
  • Japans surrender

    Japans surrender
    Japan surrenders finally ending World War 2
    Why- Japan surrenduring meant that all the Axis powers had finally been defeated. With many dead the war was all over making it the largest war to in history.