World War 2 Events

  • Britain, France, Australia, and New Zealand declare war on Germany

  • Period: to

    Much fighting between European countries such as Germany, Britain, Italy, Greece, and etc.

  • Roosevelt freezes Japanese assets in United States and suspends relations

    Japanese assets in United States and suspends relations
  • Japanese bomb Pearl Harbor --> United States and Britain declare war on Japan

  • Period: to

    South-East Asian Theatre = campaigns of the Pacific War in Burma, Ceylon, India, Thailand, Indochina, Malaya, and Singapore.

  • Roosevelt signed Executive Order 9066; all the Japanese people living in the US were removed from their homes and placed in internment camps. Although they never showed disloyalty to the nation, Americans feared that they might be spies and etc.

  • Proclamation number 21 allowed internees to return to their homes.

  • First atomic bomb ‘little boy’ in Hiroshima, Japan

  • Second atomic bomb dropped in Nagasaki, Japan

  • Official surrender of Japan to Filipino and American troops

  • US president Harry S. Truman declares, despite some conditions, the cessation of hostilities of World War 2.

  • End of state of war with Germany was granted by the U.S. congress.