World War 2 Ch. 32 Section 1

  • Hitler's First Demand

    Hitler demanded that the Polish Corridor be returned to Germany.
  • Hitler's Surprise Attack

    German tanks and troop trucks rumbled across the Polish border.
  • Stalin's Troops

    Stalin sent Soviet troops to occupy the eastern half of Poland.
  • President Roosevelt

    President Roosevelt asked Congress to allow the Allies to buy American arms. The Lend-Lease Act would be passed in the March of 1941.
  • The Finns

    Stalin forced the Finns to accept his surrender terms.
  • The Calm Ends

    Hitler launched a surpirse invasion of Denmark and Norway.
  • Hitler's Sweep

    Hitler began a dramatic sweep through the Netherlands, Belgium, and Luxembourg.
  • Trapped

    The Germans had trapped the Allied forces around the northern French city of Lille.
  • Paris

    The Germans had taken Paris.
  • France Surrenders

    French learers surrender.
  • The Luftwaffe

    Germany's air force began bombing Great Britain.
  • Mussolini

    Mussolini ordered his army to attack British-controlled Egypt.
  • The Afrika Korps

    Rommel's Afrika Korps attacked British forces.
  • Persuasion and Invasion

    Hitler persuaded, through the threat of force, Bulgaria, Romania, and Hungary to join the Axis powers. Hitler also invaded Yugoslavia and Greece. Bother countries surrendered within a few weeks.
  • The Battle of Britain Ends

    The Battle of Britain ended.
  • Invading the Soviet Union

    Hitler began his invasion on the Soviet Union.
  • Attack

    A German U-boat fired on a U.S.s destoryer in the Atlantic. In response, Roosebelt ordered navy commanders to shoot German submarines on sight.
  • Rommel Retreats

    Rommel's forces retreat back to where they started. Britain and Rommel's forces would have a continous battle that would go back and forth.
  • Retreat

    German troops retread from their advance on the Soviet Union line with nothing gained, but 500,000 German soldier lives lost.