World War 2

  • Hilter comes to power

    Adolf Hitler becomes the chancellor of Germany. The Nazi party move in too and take power. Hitler becomes the dictor of Germany.
  • Nazi Germany

    Nazi Germany and Italy create the Rome-Berlin Axis treaty. The anti-Comintern is signed creating a pact against Russia and communism.
  • World War 2 in the pacific

    Japan invades China and starts world war 2 in the pacific. In March of 1938, Hitler takes Germany out of Austria, creating what is known as the Anschluss.
  • World War 2 in europe

    Germany invades Poland and soon enough to France and Great Britain declare war on Germany. Germany invades and seizes Denmark and Norway. Germany uses strikes to take over much of Western Europe. Italy takes part in the war as a part of the Axis powers. Germany proceeds in air attacks on Britain know as the Battle of Britain.
  • Axis alliance

    Germany, Italy, and Japan sign the Tripartile Pact to create the axis alliance. The axis powers move in and attack Russia with over four million troops.
  • US takes part

    Japan attacks Pearl Harvor and forces US into the war. They side with the allies. The U.S. navy defeats the Japanese navy, Battle of Midway. The allies invade and take over Sicily. Italy surrenders and Mussolini escapes and attempts to set up a new government in Northern Italy.
  • Allies rise up

    D-day and the allies invade France and push back Germany. Paris is out of German control. Germans try to launch air attack, they lose the Battle of Bulge and the German army is at false hope.
  • Allies 1, Germany 0, Japan 0

    US take over Iwo Jima and claims the island, and also cross the Rhine river. Hitler commits suicide knowing that the fate of Germany is doomed. Germany surrenders to the allies. America drops atomic bombs and destroys Hiroshima and Nagasaki. Japan surrender to the allies and US general Douglass MacArthur.