World War 2

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  • Mr.Hitler

    Adolf Hitler bacame the leader of Germany
  • The Attack on China

    The Attack on China
    The Japanese attacks China
  • The Germans

    The Germans
    The Germanstake over Austria
  • Poland

    Poland is invaded by German and Soviet troops.
  • Mr.Roosevelt

    Franklin D. Roosevelt is re-elcted as president of the United States for a thirde term
  • Pearl Harbor

    Pearl Harbor
    The Japanese bombs the USA but they bombed the Pearl Harbor in the United Sates
  • The Philipeines

    The Philipeines
    Japan takes over the Philipines
  • General Montgomery

    General Montgomery
    General Montgomery leads the Allies to a victory over the Axis troops in North America
  • Normandy France

    The Allies send invasion forces to Normandy France
  • Germany

    Germany surrenders (V-E Day)
  • Japan

    Japan Surrenders (V-J Day)