World War 2

Timeline created by dertyp
  • Italy conquers Ethiopia

    Italy conquers Ethiopia
    one of the only independent state in Africa, with an illarmed and badly trained army Ethiopia was an easy target for Italy
  • Hitler comes to power

    using powerful speeches Adolf Hitler comes to power
  • Hitler takes over sudetenland munich conference

    Hitler takes over sudetenland munich conference
    Although Hitler was warned by his generals Hiter still attempts and gets no where
  • fall of france

    fall of france
    battle of france consisted oftwo battles fall gelb and felb rot
  • battle of britain

    the battle for britain was between germany's air force and the RAF (royal air force)
  • pearl harbor

    during a lean back jappan strikes a major blow to the US
  • Germany invades ussr

  • hitler begins Final Solution

    A plan to create a genocide of jews
  • alantic charter sighed

    alantic charter sighed
    First signed by the United Kingdom the United States it inspired many international agreeent
  • Battleof Mid way

    known as the most battle of the Pacific campain
  • D-day invasion

    a date in time where allied forces took Germany