World History Final Project

  • Period: 250 to 900


    Location: Central America
    Achievement: They developed a calendar for their religion to know the good and bad days to do things.
  • Period: 320 to 550

    Gupta Empire

    Location: South Asia
    Achievement: They made caves to show off their art for there gods including carvings and paintings.
  • Period: 330 to 1453

    Byzantine Empire

    Location: Europe
    Achievement: They created a alphabet to decipher there Bible the alphabet was called the Cyrillic.
  • Period: 618 to

    Imperial China

    Location: South Asia
    Achievement: They had to adapt a new religion when they had other people come to imperial china this religion from india was called Buddhism.
  • Period: 632 to 1258

    Muslim Empire

    Location: Arabia
    Achievement: The Muslims had to following the Islam teachings and there was one called Shariah or Muslim law.
  • Period: 794 to


    Location: East Asia
    Achievement: They believed in two religions that wouldn't seem to clash which was Shintoism and Buddhism, but they made it work with life is beauty and so is nature along side of life is pain and suffering.
  • Period: 800 to

    Holy Roman Empire

    Location: Europe
    Achievement: Christmas was meant as a holy day for the empire and actually lasted 12 full days ending with a huge feast.
  • Period: 830 to 1235


    Location: West Africa
    Achievement: The respected their ancestors with charms that were supposed to protect them from harm they still used these after they got into Islam religion.
  • Period: 1228 to


    Location: Western Africa
    Achievement: They practiced Islamic religion but with their own twists and did not do it exactly the same but still did things like worship in mosques.
  • Period: 1428 to 1521


    Location: Central America
    Achievement: To thank the gods they did one huge sacrifice of a chief's daughter from another tribe then went to war with them.
  • Period: 1438 to 1572


    Location: South America
    Achievement: They had many gods all doing with natural things, but Inti was most important and multiple sacrifices to please them all.
  • Period: 1464 to


    Location: West Africa
    Achievement: They seen everyone as equal them as Muslims for all religion things and carried on their practices like making pilgrimages and giving alms.