world history

  • Sep 6, 1301

    paleolithic age 2.5 million-8000 b.c.

    paleolithic age 2.5 million-8000 b.c.
    paleolithic age or the old stone age,when the invention of tools,where they materd fire, and also devloped. between these time the homo habilis, homo erectus, neanderthals roam the at but at different times.
  • Sep 6, 1303

    neolithic age 8000-3000 b.c.

    neolithic age 8000-3000 b.c.
    people learned how to polish stone tools,make pottery grow crops and raise animals.
  • Sep 6, 1305

    cro-magnons 40,000 years ago

    cro-magnons 40,000 years ago
    cro-magnons where made new tools that had specific uses, skeleton are identical to humans,they palnned their hunts, and had excellent hunting skills, and also they developed languages that help them with their difficult projects.
  • Sep 7, 1320

    bronze age 2500b.c-

    the time when people began using bronze rather than copper ans stone
  • Sep 7, 1402

    ur in summer

  • discovery of neanderthals

    discovery of neanderthals
    in the neander valley in germany they found neanderthals bones. neanderthals were musclar with heavy slanted brows and thick bones.neanderthals better know as cavemen.they lived 200,000 to 30,000 b.c.
  • Period: to

    long lost city of ur

    leonard woolley found the city of ur. they cvity had diffrent social groups it was active around 3000 b.c
  • catal huyuk

    catal huyuk
    archeologist discovered a village,located on a fertile-plain in south-central turkey, 5,000-6,000 people lived their andd they all lived in 1,000 homes.they were deticated to the mother goddess and the only way in or out was throuh a poening on top of the roof.
  • louis and mary leakey dicovery

    louis and mary leakey dicovery
    they found and hominid fossil at olduvai gorge in northern tanzania. they name it homo habilis(man of skills) they also found tools made of lava rocks.
  • mary leakey expedition

    mary leakey expedition
    in the 1970s mary leakey led a expedition to laetoli in tanzania in east africa
  • lucy

    johanson team found an unusal full skeleton of an adlt female hominid. they name it lucy after the song lucy in the sky with 3.5 million years ago
  • mary leakey discovery

    mary leakey discovery
    she found prehistoric footprints that looked modern humans in volcanic ash, the footprints were from from australopithecines.
  • dna

    tested neanderthal skeleton tells shws that they is not realated to humans.