women in space By:Alaina brown

By kwsmyre
  • first women in space

    the first women in space was valetia Tereshkova
  • Astronauts canidates

    six women chosen as astronuat canidates by NASA: Rhea seddon,Katheron sulliva, Judith Resnik, Sally Ride,Anna Fisher,shannon lucid
  • svetlana savitskay

    she was the second one in space serving on a soyuz mission to dock with the salyut 7 space station.
  • Sally ride

    Sally ride American astronaut becmes the first American women in space
  • first african american in space

    the first africa american in space was mae jemison, 5th black astronaut but the first bac female
  • Eileen M. Collins

    becomes he first women to pilot an american space shuttle.four years later she becomes becomes first women commander of a us shuttle mission.
  • peggy whitson

    she becomes the first resident scientist of the international space station. during the six month mission her first she installs the stations mobile base system,a type of rail car for the stations robotic arm, performs a 4.5 hour pace walk and conducts21 experiments in human life scence and mcrogravity science