Sniffen & Lindsey's space run

  • Sputnik launched by soviet

    Sputnik launched by soviet
  • Our First Animal In Space!

    Our First Animal In Space!
    In November,3 1957 our first animal has been launched in space!A female dog named Laika which actually means "barker" in Russian.According to the news she lived over 7 days in space so now we know animals can survive in space longer than we think they could!
  • The First Person in Space!

    The First Person in Space!
    In April the twelfth our first human has been launched into space!How amazing is that?!His name is Yuri Gagarin.He had difficulties during the launch,meaning he was acting strange.
  • The First American In Space!

    The First American In Space!
    Our very own species meaning american has been launched into space!His name isn Alan Shepard.Three weeks later,on May 5 1961 President John F. Kennedy has vowed to make permission for humans to go to space!
  • First Woman In Space!

    First Woman In Space!
    The Soviets launch Valentina Tereshkova on Vostok 6.She actually spent three days in space alone.
  • First American to orbot Earth!

    A man named John Glenn circled the earth three times in 4 hours and 56 minutes!
  • First Space Walk

    Cosmonaut Alexei Leonov takes the first space walk, a ten-minute tethered excursion outside Voshkod 2. On June 3, 1965, Edward White II is the first American to walk in space on Gemini 4. He stays out 22 minutes.
  • First Deaths in Space!

    First Deaths in Space!
  • First Moon landing

    First Moon landing
    During the flight of Apollo 11, Neil Armstrong becomes the first man to walk on the moon. Buzz Aldrin is the second. Armstrong says, "That's one small step for man, one giant leap for mankind." Millions of people watch live on television
  • First Space Rescue

    First Space Rescue
    An oxygen tank explodes aboard Apollo 13. With help from Mission Control, the crew — Jim Lovell, Fred Haise, and John Swigert — return to Earth safely four days later
  • First Space Station

    The Soviets launch Salyut 1, the first orbiting space station. Salyut 1's original crew die during re-entry on June 30, 1971. Georgi Bobroeolski, Vladislav Volkov, and Victor Patsayev had spent a record 23 days in space.
  • First American Space Station

    First American Space Station
    The first American space station, Skylab, is damaged during launch. The first of three crews arrive 11 days later for a 28-day stay. They make in-orbit repairs and set records for time spent in space
  • First International Docking in Space

    First International Docking in Space
    American and Soviet spacecraft dock together in space in a show of peaceful cooperation during the Apollo-Soyuz mission.
  • First Mars Landing

    Viking 1, an unmanned scientific probe controlled by scientists on Earth, transmits the first pictures from the surface of Mars. Viking 2 arrived in September 1976
  • First Reusable Space Vehicle

    The space shuttle Columbia takes John Young and Robert Crippen into space. It launches like a rocket and lands like an airplane. This is the first manned American space mission since the Apollo-Soyuz flight in July 1975
  • First American Woman in Space

    First American Woman in Space
    Sally Ride is part of the crew for the seventh space shuttle flight, STS-7. The first African-American astronaut, Guion Bluford, follows on the next flight on August 30
  • First Woman to do a space walk

    Svetlana Savitskaya becomes the first woman to do a space walk. With her partner, Vladimir Dzhanibekov, she conducts welding experiments for over three hours outside the Soviet space station Salyut 7. Savitskaya had become the second woman to fly in space during a Soviet mission in 1982.
  • First Civillian death

    First Civillian death
    Space shuttle named challenger explodes killing all seven members including the first teacher in space.
  • First Year in Space

    Musa Manarov and Vladimir Titov complete 366 days on the Russian space station, Mir. This record is broken on March 22, 1995, when cosmonaut Valery Poyakov returns to Earth after spending 437 days and 18 hours (1.19 years) in orbit
  • First Space Telescope!

    The crew of space shuttle mission STS-31 deploy the Hubble Space Telescope. Soon thereafter, the Hubble's primary mirror is found to be damaged. In December 1993, the crew of space shuttle STS-61 corrects the problem during space walks watched live on television by millions of people.