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Science Space Exploration Timeline

By NJ19104
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    Space Exploration Timeline

  • Galileo makes Discoveries about Space

    Galileo makes Discoveries about Space
    Galileo used his telescope and confirmed there were more stars than the naked eye can see, that we are part of the Milky Way galaxy and that the moon has craters, as well as that the sun has black spots moving across its surface.
  • First Liquid Fueled Rocket

    Robert Goddard launches the first liquid fueled rocket, an idea pioneered by both him and Konstantin Tsiolkovsky who was a Soviet schoolteacher who never actually launched one.
  • Liquid propelled Rocket in Germany

    Hermann Oberth launches liquid propelled rockets with student and future coworker Wernher von Braun.
  • First Space Vehicle

    A V-2 Rocket later used for military use in Nazi Germany, reached the fringes of space at 109 miles above ground level.
  • Liquid Fuel Rocket used for Military Purposes

    Liquid Fuel Rocket used for Military Purposes
    Scientists came up with the V-2, a missile used for bombing numerous cities throughout Allied control.
  • First animal in space

    Fruit Flies were sent into space in a captured German V-2 Missile. They returned unarmed.
  • The Race Begins!

    Soviet response to the U.S. announcment that there would be artificial satellites in the near future.
  • Sputnik I Launched

    Sputnik I Launched
    Sputnik was the first satellite to be launched into space.
  • First Russian Animal in Space

    Laika, a stray dog was sent into space in Sputnik II, Laika did not survive the trip.
  • Failed U.S. Satellite Launch

    Project Vanguard, the first U.S. Satellite to be launched into space exploded seconds after takeoff, marking it as a failure on national television.
  • U.S. First Satellite, lagging behind USSR

    The first U.S. Satellite named Explorer I was successfully launched, the USA is lagging behind the USSR in terms of Space exploration.
  • First Beings to survive trip to space

    Two dogs, Strelka and Belka survived the trip to space and back. USSR victory.
  • First man in Space, USSR

    First man in Space, USSR
    Yuri Gagarin is sent into orbit around Earth, first man in space. Huge victory for USSR
  • First American in Space

    Alan Shepard becomes first American to get into space.
  • JFK Assassination

    Two superpowers of USSR and USA were about to join forces and then JFK is killed, leaving the Soviet Union hanging.
  • First Spacewalk

    USSR has first man to walk in space.
  • First man on Moon

    First man on Moon
    Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin go to the moon, successfully land on it. U.S. Victory.
  • First Space Station

    USSR launches Salyut 1 as the first space station.
  • U.S. Space Station Launched

    U.S. Space Station Launched
    Skylab, the first U.S. Space Station was launched to study how things behave in space.
  • End of Space Race

    Apollo-Souyz docking, symbolizing the end of the Space Race.
  • First Space Shuttle

    First Space Shuttle
    The Shuttle Columbia with its first takeoff,
  • Challenger Disaster

    Challenger Disaster
    Space Shuttle Challenger explodes seconds after liftoff.
  • First part of Mir launched

    Russian Space Station Mir launched.
  • Hubble Space Telescope Launched

    Hubble Space Telescope Launched
    Discovery brings up Hubble.
  • Mars Pathfinder arrives

    A rover is now on mars's surface, transmitting images.
  • First Public in Space

    American Dennis Tito became the first tourist in space after paying the Russian space program $20,000,000.
  • Columbia explodes on re-entry

    The Space Shuttle Columbia broke up on re-entry into the Earth’s atmosphere.
  • New Space plan, Base on Mars by 2015

    George Bush announced a base on Mars by 2015 and humans back on the moon, as we can see that will not come to fruitation.
  • Curiosity launched

    Best equipped robot ever goes to Mars to collect samples.
  • Voyager 1 Enters Interstellar Space

    Voyager 1, a space probe over 30 years entered the space between the stars.