Women in Art Timeline

By Seiarra
  • Period: 1400 to

    The Renaissance

  • Period: 1476 to 1492

    The Middle Ages

  • 1486

    Birth of Venus

    Birth of Venus
    Painted by Sandro Botticelli
    Tempura on panel
    This painting portrays the mythological birth of Venus, the goddess of love and beauty, amongst Zephyr, Chloris, and the goddess of Spring.
    I selected this artwork because of its representation of mythology and more obscure gods and goddess of Roman mythology.
  • 1489

    Portrait of Giovanna degli Albizzi Tornabuoni (1489)

    Portrait of Giovanna degli Albizzi Tornabuoni (1489)
    Painted by Domenico Ghirlandaio
    Popular for painting portraits of religious narratives
    Tempera on panel
    This painting portrays Giovanna degli Albizzi, a Florentine noblewoman who died in childbirth in 1488
    I selected this artwork because it reflects how women are portrayed in this time period
  • 1556


    Painted by Sofonisba Anguissola
    Watercolor on parchment
    This painting portrays Sofonisba Anguissola holding a medallion that reads, "The maiden Sofonisba Anguissola, depicted by her own hand, from a mirror, at Cremona.”
    I selected this artwork because it shows the depth of the skills of women artists.
  • 1580

    Portrait of a Noblewoman

    Portrait of a Noblewoman
    Painted by Lavinia Fontana
    She is a well-known portraitist
    Painting of a bride's marriage portrait
    This artwork shows how wealth was portrayed in this era
  • Period: to

    17th Century

  • Vanitas Still Life

    Vanitas Still Life
    Painted by Maria van Oosterwyck
    Oil on canvas
    This painting portrays the still life of several objects, including a vase of flowers, a skull, a globe, and an hourglass.
    I chose this painting because of its various methods of symbolism.
  • Lamb of God

    Lamb of God
    Painted by Josefa de Ayala
    Oil on canvas
    This painting portrays a sacrificial lamb, bound by it's feet. There are various flowers in front of the lamb. The Latin text on the pedestal translates to "slain from the beginning of the world".
    I chose this painting because of it's representation of Christian beliefs and the first lamb that was killed before Adam and Eve were sent away from the Garden of Eden.
  • Period: to

    18th Century

  • Madame Grand

    Madame Grand
    Painted by Elisabeth Louise Vigée Le Brun
    Oil on canvas
    Vigée Le Brun received training from her portraitist father, although he died when she was 12. She was encouraged to follow her artistic studies although she didn’t have access to formal training since she was a woman. She painted around 30 portraits of Queen Marie Antoinette. In 1789, she fled to Italy with her young daughter. Despite living in exile; she was able to have a successful career.
  • Vase of Flowers and Conch Shell

    Vase of Flowers and Conch Shell
    Painted by Anne Vallayer-Coster
    Oil on canvas
    Vallayer was born into an artistic family and her father’s wealth helped overcome some of the restraints of being a woman artist. In 1780, she became Queen Marie Antoinette’s painter. She was mainly a still-life painter, most common in the eighteenth century for women.
  • Period: to

    19th Century

  • On the Terrace at Sèvres

    On the Terrace at Sèvres
    Painted by Marie Bracquemond
    Oil on canvas
    This was painted in Bracquemond’s own garden. It is a self-portrait of the artist on the left and her younger sister on the right. Her sister lived with Bracequemond and was featured in many of her paintings. She was one of the most prominent women's impressionists.
  • The Cherry Tree

     The Cherry Tree
    Painted by Berthe Morisot
    Oil on canvas
    This painting depicts two girls collecting fruit from the branches of a tree. Morisot tended to paint rural landscapes and domestic scenes, such as the lives of middle-class women and their interests. She, like many other artists, tended to paint outdoors to convey the fleeting effects of light and weather.
  • Period: to

    20th Century (Europe)

  • Period: to

    20th Century (America)

  • The Brooch. Eva Mudocci

    The Brooch. Eva Mudocci
    Painted by Edvard Munch
    This painting portrays Eva Mudocci and her brooch
    I chose this painting because of the dark tone
  • Woman with a Hat

    Woman with a Hat
    Painted by Henri Matisse
    Oil on canvas
    This painting portrays an early 20th century woman with a hat, in many vibrant colors
    I chose this painting because of the many colors used, and how its vibrancy makes it stand out
  • Ram’s Head with Hollyhock

    Ram’s Head with Hollyhock
    Painted by Georgia O’Keeffe.
    Oil on canvas
    O'Keeffe was an American painter who was one of the most influential figures in Modernism. She's best known for paintings of flowers and bones. The painting above depicts a drought occurring, but also shows rain clouds appearing, showing both happiness and sadness.
  • Champion Flowers

    Champion Flowers
    Jane Freilicher
    Oil on linen
    Freilicher typically paints still lifes, such as flowers on a table, pictured above. Her work gained recognition for her unique vision of painterly realism. Her paintings are represented in major museums throughout the United States, such as the Whitney Museum of American Art, the Metropolitan Museum of Art, and the Museum of Modern Art.
  • Period: to

    21st Century

  • They Call Me Redbone but I’d Rather Be Strawberry Shortcake

    They Call Me Redbone but I’d Rather Be Strawberry Shortcake
    Painted by Amy Sherald
    Oil on canvas
    Amy Sherald’s paintings center around the identity of African Americans. They usually feature soft backgrounds to allow the subject to stand out. The slang term “redbone” usually refers to a black woman with lighter skin. Sherald also painted former First Lady Michelle Obama in 2018.
  • Grit

    Painted by Alyssa Monks
    Oil on linen
    Alyssa Monks is an American painter who blurs the line between abstractism and realism. Monks main goal is to express the whole experience of being human, including love and loss. She primarily concentrates on the human figure.