• Birthday

    Smith was born in 1968 and raised in Philadelphia. His mother was a school administrator and his father was a refrigeration engineer.

    Willard Christopher "Will" Smith, Jr. is an actor and rapper. He first became famous in the late 1980s as the rap artist Fresh Prince. He made a very successful move into movies. He is the only actor in Hollywood history to make eight consecutive films that earned $100 million in the USA. ‘Newsweek’ magazine called him the most powerful actor on the planet.
  • Musical career

    Musical career
    He is the DJ. He is a raper.
    In 1988.They released their first album, which was Hip hop, Old school rap, Pop Rap.
    In 1988, they won the first Grammy in the Rap category.
  • Musical career

    Musical career
    He began rapping as a teenager. His friends nicknamed him The Prince. He met D.J. Jazzy Jeff and the duo became hip-hop stars in the 1980s and early 1990s.
  • Homebase

    He continued his musical career, and in 1991 DJ Jazzy Jeff and the Fresh Prince achieved their biggest charting success to date with the excellent "Summertime" from the Homebase album
  • Marriage

    Smith married Sheree Zampino in 1992. They had a son, Willard Christopher Smith III, also known as "Trey", but they divorced in 1995.
  • Cinematrographic Career

    Cinematrographic Career
    The following year, he made his film debut with the drama Where the Day Takes You.
  • Cinematrographic Career

    Cinematrographic Career
    In 1995 Smith co-starred in the action film Two Rebel Policemen, a huge box office success; This film set the stage for her starring role in Independence Day.
  • The Fresh Prince of Bel Air

    The Fresh Prince of Bel Air
    In 1990, the NBC television network signed Smith to star in the sitcom ‘The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air’, which launched his acting career. Smith decided he would become “the biggest movie star in the world” and began studying box office successes. His studying paid off. His movies ‘Independence Day’ (1996) and ‘Men In Black’(1997) were both box office hits.
  • Men In Black

    Men In Black
    A year later he starred in Men in Black, another great success; recording for the first time under his first name, he also achieved great success with the film's rap theme song.
  • Marriage and Children

    Marriage and Children
    He married on December 31, 1997 with Jada Pinkett, with whom he had Jaden Christopher Syre (born 1998) and Willow Camille Reign (2000).
  • Love For Games

    Love For Games
    Smith leans politically liberally and has made donations to Barack Obama's presidential campaigns. Smith is a fan of chess and video games and is known for taking his mother on vacation every year, usually at Canyon Ranch Spa in Tucson, Arizona.
  • Awards

    In 2001 he played Muhammad Ali in the film Ali, for which he was nominated for an Oscar for best actor.
  • Suicide Squad

    Suicide Squad
    One of his last appearances in films is the famous Suicide Squad, in which he plays the character Headshot.