William Shakespeare's R and J

  • Act I - Romeo and Rosalind Break Up

    This event frees up Romeo to attend the Capulet ball.
  • Act I - Romeo Meets Juliet

    This event sets the entire play in motion. It is the catalyst for first capturing Tybalt's unamused attention.
  • Act II- Balcony Scene

    Solidifies the relationship between Romeo and Juliet.
  • Act III - Romeo kills Tybalt

    Causes Romeo to be banished from Verona, which leads to him hiding in Mantua, requiring him to longer be able to stay with Juliet. Causes Juliet to take part in a dangerous ruse in order to be with him.
  • Act III - Tybalt kills Mercutio

    This event causes Romeo to kill Tybalt. While Tybalt causes this event, it leads to Romeo reacting poorly to the event.
  • Act III - Romeo and Juliet wed

    This is the point of no return for the two leads. Juliet marries Romeo despite the fact he has killed her cousin. After this choice, in both Juliet and Romeo's minds, they must end up together somehow.