Will shakes

William Shakespeare

By Misscr
  • Apr 23, 1564


    William Shakespeare born in Stratford-Upon-Avon. He spent his early years in Stratford upon Avon where attended Stratford Grammar School until he was 14 years old
  • Marriage

    'William Shagspeare' as it was spelt on the marriage documents marries 'Anne Hathwey' - Anne Hathaway
  • Child

    The christening of Susanna Shakespeare the first child of William and Anne born six months after their wedding
  • Twins

    Twins, Hamnet and Judith were born during January
  • Henry VI

    Henry VI
    Theatre owner Philip Henslowe listed 1 Henry VI as having been performed by Strange's Men at the Rose on March 3rd, 1592.
  • Leaves Stratford

    Leaves Stratford
    William leaves Stratford upon Avon and starts to work in the emerging theatres during this year. Date unkown
  • Venus and Adonis

    Venus and Adonis
    Venus and Adonis, Shakespeare's narrative poem in six-line stanzas, was published by Richard Field (1561 - 1624). The poem was dedicated to Shakespeare's patron, Henry Wriothesley, Third Earl of Southampton.
  • Rape of Lucrece

    Rape of Lucrece
    The Rape of Lucrece- Shakespeare wrote this long narrative poem in rhyme royal (seven-line stanzas in iambic pentameter). It appeared in several subsequent quarto editions.
  • Comedy of Errors

    Comedy of Errors
    The Comedy of Errors was performed at the Gray's Inn, London, as part of the Christmas celebrations of 1594.
  • Death of son

    Death of son
    Hamnet dies, possibly from the plague, at the age of eleven
  • Building of The Globe

    Building of The Globe
    Shakespeare and other members of the company finance the building of the Globe Theatre. Date unknown.
  • William's Will

    William's Will
    An ailing Shakespeare calls his lawyer to revise his will, making some odd changes that include leaving his "second-best bed" to his wife and £10 to the poor.
  • Death

    April 23: The death of William Shakespeare