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William Golding

  • Born

    Golding was born in Saint Columb minor, Cornwall, England. He drew a lot of influence from his father, who was very rational
  • First Attempt at a Novel

    First Attempt at a Novel
    When he was 12 years old, William Golding attempted to write his first novel. When he was unsuccessful, he found his outlet in bullying peers. He also called himself a bratty child and even said he "enjoyed hurting people".
  • Entered College

    Entered College
    After finishing his primary schooling, Golding attended Brasenose College at Oxford. His original program was science, in relation to his father's interests. In his third year, however, he pursued his true passion in the literature program.
  • First Work Titled Poems Published

    First Work Titled Poems Published
    During his time in college, Golding's poems were published in a collection titled Poems. Golding dismissed this work as juvenile later on in his life, but these poems are valuable in other ways. His poems show his blossoming distrust of rationalism.
  • Graduation and Work

    Graduation and Work
    After Golding graduated with a diploma in education and Bachelor of Arts in English, Golding began working as an actor, writer and producer with a small theater. His steady job as a Social worker paid his bills. He considers Shakespeare and Greek Tragedians as his main influence.
  • Took Up Teaching Position

    Took Up Teaching Position
    Golding began teaching English and philosophy. He briefly retired to join the Navy in World War II.
  • Period: to

    Serving in World War II

    Golding spent a total of five years in the Navy and it exposed him to the cruelty and barbarity of all humankind. Later, when writing about the horrors he experienced, he said "man produces evil, as a bee produces honey."
  • Lord of the Flies Published

    Lord of the Flies Published
    After facing 21 rejections from publishers, Lord of the Flies was published in 1954. Golding combined his observations of humanity with his experience as a teacher dealing with schoolboys. He used the novel as his analysis of the underlying savagery lying underneath civilized people in society.
  • Retired from teaching

    Retired from teaching
    After many years of diligent writing, publishing, and teaching, William Golding retired from his teaching career. He retired to a house with his wife.
  • Nobel Prize

    Nobel Prize
    William Golding received the 1983 Nobel Prize for Literature. He received for the award book accurately portrayed the human in the world at the time.
  • Knighthood

    William Golding was knighted by Queen Elizabeth II
  • Death

    Golding spent the last few years of his life quietly living with his wife and he continued to write. He died of a heart attack in Perranarworthal, Cornwall. After Golding died, his manuscript for The Double Tongue was published.