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William Golding

By jaberay
  • Birth of William Golding

    Birth of William Golding
    William Golding was born on September 19th 1911 in Saint Columb Minor, Cornwall, England. He was raised next door to a graveyard and by a mother who took part in the womens sufferage movement and a father who was a school teacher.
  • Period: to

    William Golding

  • Brasenose College at Oxford

    Brasenose College at Oxford
    William GOlding Attended Brasenose College at Oxford. During this time for two years he studied science, going with his fathers beliefs. After the second year William Golding switched his major to what he wanted, literature.
  • First Published Colection

    First Published Colection
    Shorty before graduating Golding published his first set of poems. He published a book called "Poems". This collection was disregarded by critics.
  • Graduating College

    Graduating College
    William Goldong graduated Brasenose College at Oxford in 1935. GOlding graduated with both a Bachelor of Arts in English and a diploma in education. During his college yeras he wrote literature and various peices of poetry.
  • First Teaching Postion

    First Teaching Postion
    Shortly after graduatong Golding took on his forst teaching postition. He taught at Bishop Wordsworth’s School in Salisbury. Hers, Golding taught Philosphy and literature. This is said to be the inspirstion for the Lord of The Flies novel.
  • Marriage, work, and children

    Throughout these four years Golding worked as many things including a writer, an actor and a producer. He then got married in 1939 to Ann Brookfield. Golding then had two children.
  • Going to War

    Going to War
    Although Golding really like his teaching postition, he left it for a couple years to fight in the war. He fought for the war for five years. The navy was said to make a great impact on him, opening his eyes to the corruption and cruelty of mankind.
  • Back to teaching

    Back to teaching
    After the end of World War two Golding returned to his previous position of teaching and and resumed his writing carreer.
  • PUblished First Novel

    PUblished First Novel
    William Goldong published his first novel "Lord of the Flies" in the year 1954. his novel was only published after being turned down 21 times. Golding got his inspiration from his experiences as a teacher and time fighting at war.
  • Leaves teaching Postition

    Leaves teaching Postition
    Golding , after attending the war and teaching for mutiple years. decided to leave his position as a teacher and become a full time writer. This was after the publishing of his first novel.
  • Nobel Pirze

    Nobel Pirze
    Much after his first novel Golding was recognized for his good writing and won a nobel pirze for literature. By this time Golding was at the age of 73.
  • Death of William Golding

    Death of William Golding
    William Golding died of a heart attackin 1993. Throughout his lifespan Gldong wrote many peices of literature that we still apreciate today including Lord of The Flies, Pincher Martin, Free Fall and The Pyramid, Rites of Passage, and various other short stories and poems.