William Golding: Life of a Nobel Prized Author

  • William Golding Birth

    William Golding Birth
    William Golding is born Saint Columb Minor, Cornwall, England to mother Mildred Golding, a suffragette (one who fights for women's right to vote), and Alex Golding, a schoolmaster.
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    William Golding: Birth to Death

  • William Golding in Primary School

    William Golding in Primary School
    When he was twelve years old, Golding tried his hand at writing his first novel. It wasn't very successful, but it was a way for him to release his nerves and energy. Golding was known to bully other peers in order to get over his troubled mental state. He has even said "I enjoy hurting other people."
  • Starting University

    Starting University
    William Golding started attending university at Brasenose College at Oxford University. His father wished for him to study science, so Golding studied science for two years, but on his third year, decided to switch to English literature.
  • Golding's First Novel

    Golding's First Novel
    Golding wrote his first piece of literature in his last year of college. It was a collection of poems literally called "Poems". These poems weren't popular at all among the people and critics.
  • Golding Becomes a School Teacher

    Golding Becomes a School Teacher
    Golding decided to become a school teacher like his father after graduating from college. He taught English and philosophy in Bishop Wordsworth's School in Salisbury.Teaching classes of rude, out-of-control boys is what inspired Golding to write Lord of the Flies.
  • Joining the Royal Navy

    Joining the Royal Navy
    Golding, though ever so passionate about teaching, decided to join the Royal Navy and join and fight in World War II. He spent six years on a ship and became very advanced at the job; so advanced that he was made to man the rocket launcher. Golding started to love sailing. His experiences at sea helped shape his fiction novels.
  • Going Back to Teaching

    Going Back to Teaching
    Golding decided to go back to teaching little boys English and Philosophy and writing more novels.
  • Lord of the Flies Published

    Lord of the Flies Published
    Golding tried to send the novel to be published multiple (twenty-one) times and finally his story passed and was published. Lord of the Flies is about an a group of male adolescents who get stranded on an island and slowly turn to savagery to survive.
  • Film Adaption Released

    Film Adaption Released
    Director Peter Brooks released Lord of the Flies in a film adaption which became a big hit in Britain. Later, in 1990, another newer version was made in color. This year was the same year Golding decided to quit teaching.
  • Receiving Nobel Peace Prize

    Receiving Nobel Peace Prize
    Golding received the Nobel Peace Prize of 1983 for his novel Lord of the Flies. This just gives more proof for why the social commentary was so important for the human race, helping it realize how humans can also be compared to animals.
  • Being Knighted

    Being Knighted
    Golding was knighted by Queen Elizabeth II for his achievements (namely Lord of the Flies). Being knighted is a major accomplishment in England and is an amazing honor.
  • William Golding's Death

    William Golding's Death
    On June 19, William Golding died of a fatal heart attack in Perranarworthal, Cornwall in Britain. He had a wife named Ann, and two kids named David and Judith. Golding had a manuscript titled The Double Tongue which was published two years after his death.