Willard Van Orman (W.V.) Quine

Timeline created by Chris Clark
  • Born 1908: Akron Ohio on June 25th

    Quine vies on science as a whole detailed first hand. How philosophy is an abstract ideal and is connected to every branch of science. (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=B2fLyvsHHaQ)
  • W.V. Quine Graduates from Harvard Ph. D.

    Quine attended Harvard for his doctorate degree in philosophy. His dissertation was about Whitehead and Russel's Principia Mathmatica. Thus, start his long and eventful career in philosophy.
  • Published A System of Logistic

    This was a revised writing of his original dissertation. While this may not seem to be an influential moment, Quine was building a great reputation in his career field.
  • Period: to

    Taught at Harvard

    Quine had some years prior to his teaching career, where he was traveling and really contributing to philosophy. This time period was when he held many teaching roles. He started as a faculty professor to start his teaching career, then in 1941 he moved up to Associate Professor, then to Professor later on in 48 to the end of his teachings.
  • Period: to

    Work in the Navy

    During this period of time, he worked with the Naval Intelligence community. I added this detail to really show how intelligent and well thought out his work is in the field of, "naturalism".