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Will Smith

  • The Fresh Prince was born

    The Fresh Prince was born
    Will was born September 25 1968 in Philadelphia.
  • Period: to

    Will Smith

    This is a time smad of Will Smith's life.
  • Will's childhood.

    Will grew up in Philadelphia.
  • Began his career

    Began his career
    By age 16 Smith began his career by meeting dj Jazzy Jeff at a party.
  • Fresh Prince Of Bel-Air

    Fresh Prince Of Bel-Air
    Smith began making The Fresh Prince Bel-Air to 1990-1994.
  • Will Smith's first few awards.

    Will Smith's first award was a blimp award in 1991 for best TV show "The Fresh Prince Of Bel_Air". His second award was a Golden Globe. He got nominated for the show "The Fresh Prince Of Bel-Air. His third award was a ASCAP award because, of his show The Fresh Prince Of Bel-Air.
  • Smith's family

    Smith's first family was when Smith married sheree til 1992-1995 and had one child
  • Will's first movie

    Will's first movie
    Six Degrees Will's first movie.
  • Music

    Will Smith asked other rappers to calm down the cussing. Smith said that because other kids like little kids start to cuss and start bad thing.
  • First big hit for Will

    First big hit for Will
    Independence Day was a really big hit for Smith.
  • Will Smith's kid's

    Willow and Jaden Smith are really sucessful in life. Willow Smith is famous singer. Jaden Smith is a movie star and a rapper.