When The Circus Came To Town

By 5poster
  • Pirate Crew

    Ursula comes up with a pirate crew game to pass time when they are bored.
  • The diseese

    Ursula gets a diseese called small poxs and gets scares all over her face and Ursula is embarressed to go outside.
  • Playing Music

    Ah Sam needs Ursula to play music for them or they would have to cancel the circus.
  • The sugestion

    Ursula sugested Dad to play but he had a swolen lip and Ursula's worst nightmare was crawling up to bight her.
  • Imagining

    Ursula could just imagine all of the sad faces if she didnt go outside and play her music.
  • Don't want to go outside

    Ursula didn't want to go outside so Ah Sam came up with an idea to sneek Ursula out when no one was looking.
  • What should I play ?

    Ursula asked Ah Sam what she should play and he said anything fast and lively.
  • Playing Her Music

    Ursula was playing her music and it was so cold that her hermonica stuck to her lips and the town's people had to move her to the fire and her scarf fell off and everyone saw her but Ursula didn't care and just kept on playing.
  • Ursula relizes

    Ursula relizes that you shouldn't let something stop you even if you are scared.