What lead to Vietnam

By Nik Nik
  • French rule in Vietnam

    France ruled over Vietnam (and other Indochina countries) in the late 1800s.
  • France Rule

    In the late 1800s France has complete control over Vietnam and other Indochina countries.
  • Revolution

    Vietnamese started a revolution to stop france from overpowering their country, they were lead by Ho Chi Minh.
  • Revolution

    Ho Chi Minh started a communist revolution to seek independence from France. France condemned Minh to death so he fled the country.
  • Japanese invasion

    The Japanese overtook Vietnam
  • Japanese Invasion

    Japan took over Vietnam
  • Making a Comeback

    After fleeing to China, Ho Chi Minh came back to Vietnam in order to claim its independence. He did this by forming an independence group called the Vietminh.
  • Return

    Ho Chi Minh comes back to Vietnam and forms a group known as the "Vietminh"
  • Japanese Departure

    The Japanese are forced to pull from Vietnam.
  • Independence

    Ho Chi Minh declares Vietnam an independent nation
  • The French are Back

    France retook control of southern Vietnam at the end of 1945, the North was still fighting for independence.
  • Communist China

    the army of Mao Zedong overtook China and turned them to communism.
  • Enter, the Americans

    This was when the U.S. finally joined the war, allied with France. This was because they didn't want communism to spread, much like the French.