What have been the policies of the Department of Education regarding the teaching of English in the past 114 years?

  • Period: to

    Date 1898-1900

    Dr. Joahn Eaton and Victor Clark establish that the teacher from Puerto Rico should learn English. Those teacher whow were prepared will have preference to be contracted.
  • Date 1900

    It is created the Department of Public Instruction with an earmarked commissioner.
  • Period: to

    Date 1900-1902

    The educational policy was to conserve the Spanish and to adquire the English, the Spanish in the elementary levels and the English as a special subject. In high school all the subjects were taught in English and the Spanish was a special subject.
  • Period: to

    Date 1902-1904

    It increased the English in the schools with the idea of establish it has an official language in the public schools of Puerto Rico.
  • Period: to

    Date 1905-1913

    The Spanish is supresses. The English is used as a teaching method in all the grades in the schol system.
  • Period: to

    Date 1917-1936

    This was th era that Miller was in the defense of the English and Jose de Diego in the defence of the Spanish.
  • Period: to

    Date 1921-1930

    In this era came the lawyer Juan B. Huyke as Commissioner of Instruction. In this moment it was made more emphasis the use of English.
  • Period: to

    Date 1930-1950

    The Commissioner in turn was Dr. Jose Padin, was the first one to state that Engkish was an foreign language from a pedagogical point of view and he fought to impose Spanish as a way for instruction. The English language was not abandom but it was given emphasis as a second language.
    of instruction.
  • Date 1936

    Dr. Padin buts up his resignation. Commissioner Jose M . Gallardo was named Commissioner for Instruction. He tired to implant the bilbingual program but many piblic protest was held up in they did not permitted it.
  • Date 1942

    Again Spanish prevailed upto the sixth grade and English continued being a subject.
  • Date 1948

    Dr. Manuel Villaronga Commissioner of instruction, but end to this long debate of biligualism decreeing teaching of the venacularto all the levels of the public schools from 1949-50. This is the educational policy and linguistic that has prevailed upto now.
  • Date 1968

    In the United States was sign the law Bilingual Education or Title VII, sign by the President Johnson in January 2,1968.
  • Date 1970

    That is why the Department of Education and the Universities , have ask for funds to attened all students that comes fron the United States. This program is called Bilingual Education.
  • Period: to

    Date 1972-1976

    In Puerto Rico was implanted under the goverment of the PP the bilingual projects in the school Padre Rufo and Papa Juan XXIII.
  • Period: to

    Date 1980 -1984

    The P.N.P. with the govener Carlos romero Barcelo , in 1984 the Program Bilingual Education was no more a program and past to be a project for the English Department.
  • Date 1993

    The Bilingual Education projects are again autonomous and in the month of September the secretary of Education Honorable Jose Arsenio Torres named a director for the Bilingual Education Program.
  • Date 1948

    It was use as a vernacular upto the nineth grade.