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By misrm7
  • boy soldier

    boy soldier
    this was a awsome book by andy mcnab i like this book because its about a 17 year old boy who was kicked out of the army because of his uncles apparent betrail.
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    Books I have read

  • Payback

    I loved this book because a boy has run away with his uncle and they were being tracked down! It is an exciting and fast pasted you'll never want to put it down!!!!
  • Crocdile Tears

    Crocdile Tears
    It's about a boy called Alex who over the last year has been working for M.I.6 but his girl-friend Sabina invites Alex to a New Years Eve Party up in Scotland.
  • The Emperor of Nijon-ja

    The Emperor of Nijon-ja
    Months have passed since Horace departed for the eastern nation of Nihon-Ja on a vital mission. Having received no communication from him, his friends fear the worst. Unwilling to wait a second longer, Alyss, Evanlyn, and Will leave their homeland behind and venture into an exotic land in search of their missing friend.
  • Escape From Shadow Island

    Escape From Shadow Island
    Escape From Shadow Island is a fast paced story, full of great action scenes. However, it is not non-stop thrills as the author also manages to intersperse these full-on action scenes with moments of great tension. The characterisation is good and the dialogue is spot-on.
  • The Recruit

    The Recruit
    Meet Lauren, Kyle, Kerry and the rest of the cherubs for the first time and learn how James foiled the biggest terrorist massacre in British history
  • Class A

    Class A
    James Adams must start at the bottom, making deliveries for small time drug dealers and getting to know the dangerous underworld they inhabit. He needs to make a big splash if he's going to win the confidence of the man at the top
  • Maxium Security

    Maxium Security
    Over the years CHERUB has put plenty of criminals behind bars. Now, for the first time ever, they've got to break one out!
    In one of the most daring CHERUB missions ever, James Adams has to go undercover inside Arizona Max and bust out a fellow inmate
  • Ravens Gate

    Ravens Gate
    He always knew he was different.
    First there were the dreams.
    Then the deaths began.
    When Matt Freeman gets into trouble with the police, he’s sent to be fostered in Yorkshire.
    It’s not long before he senses there’s something wrong with his guardian: with the whole village.Then Matt learns about the Old Ones and begins to understand just how different he is.
    But no one will believe him; no one can help.
    There is no proof.
    There is no logic.
    There is just the Gate
  • Evil Star

    Evil Star
    It began with Raven’s Gate.
    But it’s not over yet.
    Once again the enemy is stirring.
    After defeating the Old Ones at Raven’s Gate, Matt Freeman thought he could get on with his life. But someone has other ideas.
    Far away in Peru a second gate is about to open.
    Only Matt has the power to stop the forces of darkness breaking through, but now they know all about him. This time they’re going to destroy him first.
  • The Book Of Time I

    The Book Of Time I
    First book of term 2.....
    Ten days ago, Sam Faulkner's dad disappeared.
    Ten minutes ago, Sam discovered a hidden room.
    Five minutes ago, he picked up a book about Dracula's castle.
    Two minutes ago, he found a way to travel through time.
    Now . . .
    The adventure begins.
  • The Gate Of Days II

    The Gate Of Days II
    When Sam went looking for his missing father, he discovered a magic statue that let him travel through Time. Now he knows where his father is — the dungeon of Dracula's castle — and he even knows when his father is: the year 1462. So he and his cousin Lily embark on a journey through the ages, meeting prehistoric hunters, Roman slaves, and even their six-year-old grandfather! But can they make it home before the "Gate of Days" shuts upon them forever?
  • The Book Of Time III

    The Book Of Time III
    Sam survived a Viking attack, threats from Chicago gangsters, a tribe of enraged cavemen, and the eruption of Mount Vesuvius. He stood trial for theft in ancient Greece and faced down Vlad the Impaler - the model for Count Dracula. Now he's returned with his father to the present day . . . But the faceless enemy who tried to keep them from coming back is waiting. To find him and defeat him once and for all, Sam must take one last series of trips through Time, and go to The Future.
  • Scorched Bone

    Scorched Bone
    On the continent of the Americas, in the early stages of modern man's development, one tribe invented Clovis point, a stone arrowhead combined with a throwing stick that would be the equivalent of the invention of the nuclear bomb many years later.
  • Set In Stone

    Set In Stone
    An Epic Jurny of two twins and a best friend (he gets killed by a bear) to fined The Man Hunters.
  • Tribal Ash

    Tribal Ash
    The paths of two twins sepperate as a journy takes place for the boy to return to his village to find lies and to be outcast.
  • Half Moon Investagation

    Half Moon Investagation
    Meet Fletcher Moon.
    Half-pint schoolboy and fully qualified private investigator. Since graduating online, he has solved all sorts of minor mysteries at school and at home. It was only a matter of time before things got serious...
  • March

    Now everyone's searching for Cal, the psycho kid who's meant to have attacked his uncle and put his sister in a coma. He's desperate to clear his name and protect his family, but he also has less than a year to solve an ancient family secret: the Ormond Singularity. And the closer he gets to the truth, the more dangerous his life becomes. He has 306 days. The threat is growing...(
  • Februay

    Now he's on the run. The people who killed his father want him dead, and the police are chasing him for a crime he didn't commit. A month has gone by and he's still no nearer to solving the Ormond Riddle, the family secret that has turned his life into a nightmare. Can he trust the mysterious Winter Frey, or will she lead him further into danger? He has 334 days. The clock is ticking...
  • January

    On New Year's Eve, Cal is chased down the street by a staggering, sick man with a deadly warning..."They killed your father. They'll kill you. You must survive the next 365 days. Hurled into a life on the run the 15-year-old fugitive is isolated and alone.
  • mountain of mirrors

    mountain of mirrors
    This is an end-less adventure quest that is fulled with monsters, dragons and orges.