By ochiba
  • First Wendy's Opens

  • Second Wendy's Opens

    (in November) Complete with a fancy new drive thru.
  • Wendy's Stock Becomes Available

    (in September)
  • 500th Wendy's Opened

    (in December)
  • 1,000 Restaurant

    *date approximate
  • Opens Salad Bar

    The first to do so.
  • 2,000 Location Opens

    It's expanding quite rapidly.
  • Baked Potatoes on Menu

    (in October)
  • "Where's the Beef?" is Born

    Series of commercials starring Clara Peller
  • 3,000 Location Opens

    (in February) Still moving quickly.
  • Period: to

    Wendy's Goes Global

    Restaurants begin to open internationally.
  • Period: to

    Dave Thomas is Wendy's Spokesman

    He came out of retirement to do so, and continued to do commercials until his death.
  • Super Value Menu Begins

    Some items sell for less than a dollar. (in October)
  • Fresh Salads to Go Introduced

    Responding to the growing health crisis and to America's new on-the-go lifestyle. (in March)
  • 4,000 Location Opens

    (In December)
  • Wendy's Merges with Tim Horton's

    (in December) Tim Horton's is a Canadian chain.
  • 5,000th Location Opens

    (in March)
  • 6,000 Location Opens

    (In October)
  • Dave Thomas's Death

  • Begins Accepting Credit Cards

    (in October)
  • Period: to

    Anna Ayala Finger Scandal

  • Job Cuts Announced

    A total of three hundred and seventy five.
  • Breakfast Menu Plans Announced

    It will be introduced slowly.
  • Original Wendy's Closes