Week One Historical Timeline

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    P.A.R.C. vs Pennsylvania

    The Commonwealth of Pennsylvania argued that 14 “retarded children” were excluded because of four state statutes. 1st, public education is denied to any child that a psychologist determines is “uneducable" 2nd, “postpones” the admission to school any child who doesn’t have a “mental age of 5 years.” The 3rd and 4th provided unreasonable excuses for the right to a public education. Their attorney argued that under PA state law, their rights were violated under the equal protection clause.
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    Board of Education vs Rowley

    Amy Rowley was a deaf child that performed better than others in her classroom with the use of a hearing aid. Her parents requested a sign language interpreter for all classes, asserting that under IDEA it was deemed appropriate. After losing twice, the Rowley’s appealed to District Court and won. The school district appealed to the Supreme Court where they decided that the district was doing its duty by providing education, and they don’t have to maximize potential.
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    Timothy W. vs Rochester, New Hampshire, School District

    Timothy W appealed an order from the district court that held that a child that is profoundly handicapped is not eligible for special education if he cannot benefit from such education, because his disabilities were severe, he was unable to benefit from an education. The First Circuit reversed the district court’s decision and stated that the purpose of the Education for All Handicapped Children Act is to assure all handicapped children have available to them a free appropriate public education.
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    Randon Bragdon vs Sidney Abbot (ADA)

    Sidney Abbot was infected with HIV. She went for a dental inspection and was denied. They offered to send her to a hospital to do the inspection because of the office rules for the virus. She sued because under the ADA she can get examined regardless, because the ADA sees the HIV virus as a disability.
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    Cedar Rapids Community School District v. Garret F

    Student Garret F was petitioning a wheelchair and ventilator accessibility, and he was denied by the school district arguing that a special need like a nurse available for him for his special needs should not come out of their budget. Under the IDEA umbrella, it is covered because other students have similar needs and available.