By pawn
  • Particle Beam

    Particle Beam
    this is a modern artist conception of a particle rifle but tesla built one in 1893.
  • Death Ray

    Death Ray
    It's a death ray. Your argument is invalid.
  • Railgun

    this shoots things with magnets. BE AFRAID.
  • Giant Space Mirrors

    Giant Space Mirrors
    These were proposed by the Nazis to burn countries, much like a magnifying glass to a leaf, but humongous. It never got put into space, though. Which is good.
  • Rods from God

    Rods from God
    this is a theorized weapon which is put simply, an orbiting tungsten telephone pole with small fins and a computer in the back for guidance". The weapon can be down-scaled, an orbiting "crowbar" rather than a pole.

    this thing can make lightning, divert hurricanes and do MIND CONTROL.

    mTHEL, is an orbital laser developed for military use, also known as the Nautilus laser system.
  • X-44 Manta

    X-44 Manta
    Currently the closest to a space-borne fighter jet, the X-44 is capable of full yaw, pitch and roll control using 3D thrust vectoring, the only method for maneuverability in the vacuum of space. the date is when it was cancelled not invented.
  • missiles

    In 2010 the chinese launched an orbital missile for some reason.
  • Hyperspeed weapons

    Hyperspeed weapons
    The term hypervelocity usually refers to a very high velocity, approximately over 3,000 meters per second (6,700 mph, 11,000 km/h, 10,000 ft/s, or Mach 8.8). In particular, it refers to velocities so high that the strength of materials upon impact is very small compared to inertial stresses.