We the People Honors Timeline

By esb5415
  • Voting in early America

    Voting in early America
    In the early 1700's, most European contries thought that America gave voting rights to too many people.
  • New Jersey Constitution

    New Jersey Constitution
    The New Jersey contitution of 1776 set that all people, regardless of race and color, as long as they meet the property requirement. This was later revoked.
  • Ohio

    In 1802, Ohio abolished the property requirement for voting to convince people to move there. More states followed in the coming decades.
  • 14th Amendment

    14th Amendment
    The 14th amendment clarified citizenship in the United States, amog other things.
  • The 15th Amendment

    The 15th Amendment
    The 15th amentment gave all people, regardless of race, the right to vote.
  • 19th Amendment

    19th Amendment
    The 19th amendment gave women the right to vote.
  • Indian Voting rights

    Indian Voting rights
    Many acts passed between 1887 and 1924 by congress gave Indians the right to vote.
  • 23rd Amendment

    23rd Amendment
    The 23rd amendment gave citiznes of D.C. the right to vote in presidental elections, something they haven't been able to do since the early 1800's.
  • 24th Amendment

    24th Amendment
    The 24th amendment prohibited poll taxes.
  • Oregon v Mitchell

    Oregon v Mitchell
    This case ruled congress could only set voting age in national elections. However, this ruling was overturned by the 26th amendment a few years later.
  • 26th Amendment

    26th Amendment
    The 26th amendment gave people ages 18 years and older the right to vote.
  • 2013 voting rights

    2013 voting rights
    In 2013, the city of Takoma Park, Maryland let 16-17 year olds vote in local elections. This is the youngest voting age in the history of the United States.