We <3 Tractorsssssss

  • Oxen Plows

    Oxen Plows
    this is my link.8th century-
    Oxen and horses for power, crude wooden plows, all sowing by hand, cultivating by hoe, hay and grain cutting with sickle, and threshing with flail
  • Plow is Patented

    Plow is Patented
    this is my link (:1797-
    Charles Newbold patents first cast-iron plow
  • Manufacturing steel plows

    Manufacturing steel plows
    this is my link !!!!!!!!!!1837-
    begin manufacturing steel plows; practical threshing machine patented
  • Practicl mowing

    Practical mowing machine patented
  • bye bye steam tractors

    Steam tractors are tried out
  • Gas Tractors

    The first gasoline tractor was built by John Froelich
  • Bg gears

    Big open-geared gas tractors introduced in areas of extensive farming
  • yaaaay success

    successful light tractors developed