Waze grows over the years

Timeline created by elinorpasha22
  • 2,006 BCE

    "Freemap Israel "

    "Freemap Israel "
    Established by Ehud Shabtai a community venture called "Freemap Israel" as a free mapping project in Israel
  • New name for the company

    New name for the company
    Her company changed her name from "FreeMap Israel" to "Waze"
    and at the same time, a company was founded "Linqmap" in Israel
    Which was founded by uri Levin.
  • New CEO new implementation

    New CEO new implementation
    Company name changed to "waze mobile Ltd"
    and Noam Bardin is appointed CEO.
  • Fundraising

    This year, the company raised $ 25 million
  • New employees and additional fundraising

    New employees and additional fundraising
    In December 2011, the company employed 80 employees - 70 in Ra'anana, Israel and 10 in Palo Alto, California.
    In 2011, the company planned to monetize through location-based advertising and expand to Asia; As a result, it raised about $ 30 million in funding.
  • Google purchases the waze

    Google purchases the waze
    This year, the software used about 51 million drivers
    On June 11, 2013, Google announced that it had purchased Waze for $ 966 million
  • New app

    New app
    This year, the company launched a joint travel service app called "RideWith"
  • New message from the company

    New message from the company
    This year, the company announced the incorporation of a waze into a navigation system for several car manufacturers
  • New update

    New update
    can be used waze also with"Carplay" of "Apple".
    After that, only the company's map poetry and other navigation apps could be used
  • Musical collaboration

    Musical collaboration
    waze have launched the result of collaborating with the streaming and music companies
    Such as spotify and Apple music