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Wayne Clifford Boden

  • Period: to

    Boden's Killing rampage

    Boden's wrath of terror lasted 4 years as he took the lives of 4 victims.
  • First Victim - Shirley Audette

    First Victim - Shirley Audette
    Shirley Audette was killed on October 3rd, 1969. After being raped and strangled, she was found dead, fully clothed, in her apartment. Boden gave Shirley savage bite marks on her breasts.
  • Second Victim - Marielle Archambault

    Second Victim - Marielle Archambault
    Marielle Archambault was killed November 29th, 1969. Marielle was leaving work one day with “Bill” or so thats what she thought his name was. The next morning when she didn’t come into work her co workers found her dead body, raped and strangled with bite marks on her breasts just like the rest of Bodens victims. At the murder scene there was a crinkled up photo of Boden or “Bill” as identified by her co workers.
  • Third Victim - Jean Wray

    Third Victim - Jean Wray
    Jean Wray was killed January 16th, 1970. Jean, just like Marielle, was convinced she was getting involved with a man named “Bill”. Jeans Boyfriend came to pick her up for a date when he discovered an unlocked door, and her dead, strangled, raped, and bitten body in the apartment, just like his previous two victims.
  • Fourth Victim - Elizabeth Anne Porteous

    Fourth Victim - Elizabeth Anne Porteous
    Elizabeth Anne Porteous was the last of Bodens murders and she was killed May 18th, 1971. After not coming into school that morning, as her job was teaching, her body was found in her apartment in the same shape as all other 3 of his victims were. Police said that Elizabeth put up quite the fight. Just like Jean and Marielle, Elizabeth was dating a man named “BIll”.
  • Boden was Captured

    Boden was Captured
    On May 19, patrolmen found the suspect car parked near the murder scene. Wayne Boden was arrested half an hour later, moving toward the car on foot.
  • Boden was convicted

    Boden was convicted
    Returned to Montreal for trial, he openly confessed to three of the related murders, oddly balking in the case of Norma Villancourt. It was enough, regardless, and his four life sentences appeared to guarantee that Boden would be permanently out of circulation.