Watergate Timeline

By dcox
  • Nixon Election

    Nixon Election
    Richard M. Nixon is elected in a land slide victory
  • Period: to

    Watergate Era

  • Pentagon Papers

    Pentagon Papers
    The NY Times begins to publish the top-secret Pentagon Papers
  • Enimies List

    Nixon's Enemy list is started, to sabotage potential political enimies
  • Physchiartrist Office

    Physchiartrist Office
    President Nixon's plumbers vandalize a physchiatrists office to find files on Daniel Ellsburg
  • Watergate

    Five Plumbers are arrested in the Watergate apartment-office building, and Democratic headquaters.
  • GOP linked to Watergate

    A GOP security aide is accused of being a Watergate burglars
  • Un-Accounted Check

    A $25,000 check, susposed to be for the Nixon caimpaign ends up in one of the Watergate burglar's bank account
  • Suspicion Rises

    FBI agents find out that the Watergate break-in is all part of the Nixon Re-electon caimpaign.
  • No More Recording

    Richard Nixon abolishes the White House taping system
  • Overturning the Tapes

    Overturning the Tapes
    The Supreme Court rules unanimously that Richard Nixon over turn the tape recording s of over of 64 White House conversations
  • Charges

    Richard Nixon is charged with obstruction of justice.
  • Richard Nixon Resigns

    Richard Nixon becomes the first president in US history to resign.
  • Ford Resumes

    Ford Resumes
    President Gerald Ford itakes the place of Richard Nixon, becoming the first man to be made president soley by the vote of Congress