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Watergate Scandle

  • Nixon was elected to congress

    Nixon was elected to congress
    Nixon was first elected in congress in 1946
  • Nixon's first win

    Nixon's first win
    Won election to U.S Senate from California
  • Vice president

    Vice president
    Nixon became vice prsident under eisenhiwer
  • Lost

    Lost presidential Election to JFK (1st ever TV debate, close election)
  • Lost Govenor

    Lost bid to become Govenor of california (all washed up)
  • Nixon

    Was elected in 1968
  • Watergate Hotel

    2 others implicated and arrested (both members of CRP) linked to the white house.
  • 25th Amendment

    25th Amendment
    If the president dies or resigns the Vice President gets to take over procedures to fill office of President.
  • CRP

    Commitee to Re-Elect the president landslide re-election over George McGovern (lost only 1 state)
  • Secret Tapes

    Tapes were found of Nixon talking about the crime
  • 26th Amendment

    The right to vote and lowered minimum age and any age