Water Purification

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  • 9,000 BCE


    “Drinking cup”, this cup was designed to get rid of the mud by adding big sides to the cup so it get stuck in them and make the water drinkable.
  • 2,000 BCE


    Sanskrit writings and Egyptian inscriptions revealed that the methods they used in that time were boiling, the use of charcoal and sand to filter it or exposing it to the sunlight. All of this with the purpose of making it to taste better.
  • -400 BCE


    Known as the greek father of medicine, designs a filter known as “Hippocrate´s Sleeve”. First you had to boil the water and then pour it through the artifact to catch the sediments.
  • First Experiments

    Sir Francis Bacon tries to desalinate seawater using sand as a filter but he does not succeed.
  • Sand Filters

    A slow sand filter is designed by John Gibb in Scotland and in 1829 it is used for the first time for a public water supply and then adopted across Europe.
  • Disinfectant Solution

    Since the year of 1900 the use of disinfectant solutions are used in the water distribution companies to prevent the diseases and to have a better quality of water.
  • Ion Exchange Units

    This are used in water purification and it is the exchange of Mg and Ca for Na ions.
  • Modern Water Filters

    Now a days most of the modern water filters work in two different ways, physical filtration and chemical filtration, both of this processes are to remove the dirt from the water. In the physical one the water is strained in order to remove larger impurities and in the chemical process the water passes through and active material that removes impurities chemically as they pass through.
  • Period: to


    Antonie van Leeuwenhoek studies water through a microscope he built himself. This was a important step in water purification because with these instrument they were able to detect tiny material particles in water.