Waiting For Normal By Leslie Connor & Divine Jackson

Timeline created by did_you_eat_my_cookie
  • Expostion #1 Background

    Expostion #1 Background
    Addie’s parents are divorced
  • Expostion #2 Setting

    Expostion #2 Setting
    a Trailer and Trailer Park
  • Expostion #3 Characters

    Expostion #3 Characters
    Addie, Mommers, and Dwight (Main characters) Katie, Hanna, and Bryanna
  • Conflict

    Addie and Mommers live in a trailer and Addie longs to be home with her sisters again, and a new everything begins
  • Rising Action#1

    Rising Action#1
    Addie lets her mom have the luxury bedroom, and they are moving into a trailer which only needs 6 baby steps each direction to see her whole house.
  • Rising Action #3

    Rising Action #3
    Addie starts her first day of school, she relies on everything on Webster’s, and she makes new friends Katie and Bryanna.
  • Rising Action #4

    Rising Action #4
    Addie tries out for Stage Orchestra and enters, makes a new friend Helena and Marissa, and Goes to an interview to try to be a sales woman
  • Rising action #5

    Rising action #5
    Mommers starts talking to a new guy Pete who also works with her on the sales job, Mommers gets a credit card a job credit card and goes crazy shopping with Addie and since Addie is getting more mature Mommers thinks everyone will turn her away so instead she hands out Candy at the minimart.
  • Rising Action #6

    Rising Action #6
    Dwight seems to be interested in a new girl Hanna which he wants Addie to meet, Mommers gets a car, and Addie gets to see her sisters, Dwight, Grandio, and Hanna for Thanksgiving.
  • Climax/Turning Point

    Climax/Turning Point
    Addie goes to live with Dwight, Hanna, and her sisters for a week
  • Falling action#1

    Falling action#1
    Addie comes back home
  • Resoution

    It’s Christmas and Addie goes with Dwight, her sisters, and Hannah again.
  • Falling Action #2

    Falling Action #2
    Addie gets her period and Dwight goes crazy
  • Falling Action#3

    Falling Action#3
    Addie and her school have their first “real” concert and Addie nails her parts playing in her concert.
  • Falling Action#4

    Falling Action#4
    Dwight calls and talks to Mommers about Addie coming to live with him, her sisters, and Hanna.
  • Resoultion

    Grandio takes Addie for a talk about going to live with dwight and his fiancee Hanna plus her 2 sisters
  • Resoultion Ending

    Resoultion Ending
    Addie finds out she has dislexiya, and She moves with Dwight, her sisters, and Hanna. Addie is happy to be with her sisters sitting on the porch like old times... Addie still visits Mommers and so does Mommers