Voting Rights in the U.S. - Timeline

  • 1789 - Constitution is ratified

    New government was running now after 11 states agreed to ratify constitution, and first rule to vote is white male adult with property
  • 1810 - Religious qualifications dropped

    Due to past conflcts, old religious rules in he U.S. were dropped this year to vote
  • 1850 - Property requirements dropped

    There were no more needs to have property rights or tax requirements to vote
  • 1867 - 15th Amendment

    Has previuos slaves rights to vote, and male any race to do so also
  • 1920 - 19th Amendment

    Gives the right for all women to vote, after sufferage movement
  • 1961- 23rd Amendment

    Had citizens of Washington D.C. right to vote
  • 1964- 24th Amendment

    Eliminates taxes in polls for presidential elections
  • 1965 - Voting Rights Act of 1965

    Proctects rights of minority of taking unfair literary test in order to vote in elections
  • 1971- 26th Amendment

    Has the most popular modern day rule in voting: Age 18 in order to vote in elections