Voting Rights in the United States

  • Constitution is Radified

    When the constitution was written, white male property owners were the only people that had the right to vote.
  • Period: to

    Voting Rights in the Unitied States

  • Religious qualifications dropped

    Last religious prerequisite for voting is comes to hault.
  • Property Requirements Dropped

    Property ownership and tax requirements dropped at 1850. Practically all adult white males could vote.
  • 15th Admendment

    Allows the former slaves rights to vote that protects the voting rights of adult male citizens of any race.
  • 19th Admendment

    The 19th Admendment allows women's sufferage.
  • 23rd Admendment

    23rd Admendment lets voters from District of Colombia to participate in presidential elections.
  • 24th Admendment

    Poll tax is banned for federal elections.
  • Voting Acts Right of 1965

    The voting rights act protects minors and other barriers keeping them from voting.
  • 26rd Admendment

    26th Amendment makes legal voting age 18.