Voting rights in the United States

  • 1789- The Constitution is ratified

    This is when white males who owned land were able to vote.
  • 1810- Religious qualifications dropped

    Requirements to practice a certain religion to be able to votewaseliminated
  • 1850-Property requirements dropped

    Almost all white men able to vote due to elimination of property ownership and tax requirements.
  • 1870-15th Amendment

    Protects the voting rights of a male of any race, as well as gives former slaves the right to vote.
  • 1920-19th Amendent

    Gives women the right to vote.
  • 1961- 23rd Amendment

    Voters in the District of Columbia can partisipate in presidential elections
  • 1964-the 24th Amendent

    Poll tax for federal elections banned
  • voting righs act of 1965

    The rights of minority voters are protected as well as literacy tests eliminated.
  • 1971-26th amendment

    18 minimum age requirement to vote.