Voting Rights In America

By sdenner
  • Constitution is Ratified

    any white male that owned property could vote
  • Religious Qualifications Dropped

    Any religion had the right to vote
  • Property Requirements Dropped

    You didn't have to own property, almost any white male could vote
  • 15th Amendment

    It gave former slaves the right to vote and protect the voting rights of adult male citizens of any race.
  • 19th Amendment

    guarentees woman's sufferage, gives woman the right to vote.
  • 23rd Amendment

    Allows voters from the district of columbia to vote in presidential elections
  • 24th Amendment

    bans the poll tax as a requirement for voting in federal elections.
  • Voting Acts of 1965

    protects the rights of minority voters and eliminates voting barriers such as the literacy test.
  • 26th Amendment

    set the minumum voting age to 18