voting rights

  • the struggle

    the struggle
    the struggle to extend voting rights came in the early 1800s
  • Period: to

    voting rights

  • religous qulifications

    religous qulifications
    religous qulifications (instituted in colonial days) no state has had a religious test for voting since 1810
  • wyoming

    wyoming women had the right to vote in 1869
  • the 15th amendment

    the 15th amendment
    was intended to protect any citizen from being denied the right to vote because of race or color.
  • the 19th amendment

    the 19th amendment
    it prohibited the denial of the right to vote because of sex.
  • 4 major extension

    4 major extension
    federal legislation and court decisions focused on securing african americans a full role in the electoral process in all states.
  • 23rd amendment

    23rd amendment
    added the voters of the district of columbia to the presidental electorate.
  • 24th amendment

    24th amendment
    eliminated the poll tax as a condition for voting in any federal election
  • voting righs act of 1965

    voting righs act of 1965
    racical queality finally became fact in polling booths throughtout the counrty
  • 26th amendment

    26th amendment
    the voting age is 18 years and older