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    Snapshots from a Visiting Fellow of the University of Windsor, Ontario

    Visits to the University of Windsor, other places in Ottawa and across the border in Michigan, summer 2011
  • Canada Day in Ottawa

    Canada Day in Ottawa
  • Toronto, Ontario

    Toronto, Ontario
    The day before travelling to Windsor
  • Olde Sandwich Towne, Ontario

    Olde Sandwich Towne, Ontario
  • Bluesfest, Windsor

    Bluesfest, Windsor
  • Walkerville

    We were dropped off by the distillary building and made our way back through Walkerville to downtown Windsor
  • DIA, Michigan

    DIA, Michigan
    This industrial mural covered most of this huge room. We were able to borrow iPads to look at and listen to commentary on the details.
  • Leamington, Ontario

    Leamington, Ontario
    There had been a tornado that drove through the park. They made carvings from the bits of trees that were left there.
  • Brian and Lion

    Brian and Lion
    Brian and Chinese Dragon, Tecumseh, Ontario
  • Ambassador Bridge, Windsor side

    Ambassador Bridge, Windsor side
    Tremendous views of sunsets here. We stayed about 0.5km from the bridge.
  • Caesars, Windsor

    Caesars, Windsor
    This was taken at night time at a concert
  • Ribfest, Windsor

    Ribfest, Windsor
    Shows the stalls of the rib providers and the awards that they had won.
  • Great Lakes Folk Festival

    Great Lakes Folk Festival
    The Festival was held (mainly) outside in the centre of East Lansing, Michigan
  • Pelee Island, Ontario

    Pelee Island, Ontario
    Brian, Anne and Inukshuk
  • Walkerville, Windsor

    Walkerville, Windsor
  • Windsor from the river

    Windsor from the river
    Shows the fountain beside Coventry Gardens
  • Mackinac Bridge, Michigan side

    Mackinac Bridge, Michigan side
  • Charlevoix, Michigan

    Charlevoix, Michigan
    This is the former railway station, now a museum
  • Lancers, University of Windsor

    Lancers, University of Windsor
    First match of the season
  • Looking over to Detroit, USA

    Looking over to Detroit, USA
    This was an inspiring view of the rainbow over the GM building in Detroit, taken in Canada on 9.11.11
  • Windsor International Air Show

    Windsor International Air Show
    The Snowbirds giving a great demonstration.
  • Green Bean, Windsor, Ontario

    Green Bean, Windsor, Ontario
    We met regularly at the Green Bean for section meetings and more. It has great fairtrade coffee and tea and food.
  • Runners, Windsor

    Runners, Windsor
    This was a landmark - when we were walking along by the river, we knew where to turn to get back to our accommodation
  • Farewell cake, University of Windsor

    Farewell cake, University of Windsor