By ransim
  • VirtueVerse Launches

    About VirtueVerse On April 2, 2006 Deathspider presented the idea of an unofficial guidebook (ala the Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe) to the Virtue server forums of the City of Heroes/Forums official forums[1]. A mere two days after the idea was fielded and discussion began, Kadekawa surprised everyone with a fully functioning wiki.
  • A new Admin takes over on VirtueVerse

    Amid controvery an anonymous figure takes over back end maintenance work on the wiki from Kadekawa. Dragonberry, the original administrator steps down and Soul Train takes over front end administrative duties for the site.
  • Soul Train steps down as the VirtueVerse administrator

  • UHVU.org page shortener is born

    The uhvu.org page shortener is created! Meet uhvu.org. All it does is redirect every page request it gets to the article of the same name at Virtueverse, transforming the "uhvu.org/" part of any link using it into "www.virtueverse.com/index.php/". So anyone can just punch in uhvu.org/YourPageHere and it'll shoot them right to it.
  • VirtueVerse moves to a new server

    In October of 2010 VirtueVerse was moved to a brand new server belonging to Ransim. The new server offered VirtueVerse more space to grow, a newer version of Mediawiki and a handful of new features including the addition of Widgets and ReCaptcha.