Virginia Woolf

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  • Birth

    Adeline Virginia Stephen was born in London
  • Period: to


    She was raised in an enviroment full of the influences from Victorian literary society.
  • Mother's death

    She suffered the first of her depressions due to the sudden death of her mother, when she was only thirteen years old.
  • Father's death

    Her father died of cancer and she was briely admitted to the hospital
  • Beginning of her career

    Woolf began writing professionally , initially for the Times Literary Supplement with a Journalism piece about Haworth, home of the Brontë family.
  • Wedding

    She married the writer Leonard Woolf, an economist and also a member of the Bloomsbury group.
  • First novel

    First novel
    Her first novel, The Voyage Out, deals with the concerns of Virginia Woolf during her adolescence and early youth, central issues such as difficulties in relationships between young men and young women, sexual ignorance and the place in society occupied by young women of her class.
  • Hogarth Press

    Virginia and her husband founded the famous publishing house Hogarth Press
  • First books

    First books
    She wrote this novel before gaining popularity and officially becoming a recognized writer.
  • Profession

    After the publication of "to the lighthouse", she became known for her technical mastery, her own style and interest in consciousness as a main theme.
  • Her style

    Her style
    With the publication of The Waves that year, she broke with traditional schemes by mixing reality with fantasy and abstract themes. She was also characterized by using fantasy, leaving realism and stopping describing characters.
  • Period: to

    Her style

    She was also characterized by her protest for freedom of speech to Victorian censorship and the interactive function of her publications. In her last work she spoke of: transformation of life through art, reflection on the passage of time and life and her sexual opinions.
  • Death

    After severe depression, she decided to commit suicide with the help of stones in her pockets by drowning in the River Ouse.
  • Details of her death

    Details of her death
    She was found weeks later, but before she died she wrote a letter to her husband telling him for the last time that she loved him.