Vietnam War

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  • Ho Chi Minh Declares Vietnam Independent

  • Australia enters the Vietnam War

    by sending military advisers to South Vietnam
  • Conscription introduced Australia

    via The National Service Act 1963
  • US Combats in Vietnam

    US Combat troops arrive in Vietnam
  • SOS Created

    The Save Our Sons (SOS) group is created in Sydney, Australia
  • Australias Announcement

    Australia announces it will send troops to the Vietnam War
  • Battle of Long Tan

    Australian Soldiers were involved in the Battle of Long Tan
  • My Lai Massacre

  • Peace Talk begins

  • President Nixon's Withdrawal

    President Nixon announces the beginning of the withdrawal of US troops from Vietnam
  • Moratorium Marches

    Moratorium Marches held in Australian Capital cities
  • Australia's Withdrawal

    Australian Forces begin withdrawing from Vietnam
  • Conquering Saigon

    North Vietnamese forces conquer Saigon, uniting Vietnam as a communist republic and triggering mass emigration