Vietnam War

  • Start of Australian Inolvement

    The Minister for Defence (Reginald Townley) announces intention to send 30 army advisers to South Vietnam (SVN).
  • Period: to

    Vietnam War

  • Army

    The first members of the Australian Army Training Team Vietnam (AATTV) arrive in South Vietnam
  • Increase Strenth of the Army

    The Prime Minister introduced national service to increase the army's strength from 22,750 to 37,500.
  • Request More troops

    Australian Government, responding to requests from the US President and South Vietnam Prime Minister for 200 additional advisers, offers to send ground troops to South Vietnam.
  • Sydney Arrival

    HMAS Sydney arrives at Vung Tau, South Vietnam, carrying the bulk of the Australian force.
  • Recruit Training

    First national service begins training for the people they have recruited.
  • Holt

    Holt announces the Australian commitment in South Vietnam will be Increased to a 4350-man task force, and will include conscripts.

    The Battle of Long Tan
  • Increase of Troops

    The Prime Minister announces an increase of 1700 to Australia’s commitment in South Vietnam, including a third infantry battalion and a tank squadron.
  • Holt Missing

    Prime Minister Harold Holt missing, presumed drowned off Portsea in Victoria. His body wasn't found
  • Lower Commitment

    Prime Minister Gorton indicates that Australia will not increase its commitment to Vietnam.

    The Battle of Coral & Balmoral

    The Battle of Binh Bah
  • Wanting soldiers back!

    Morgan Gallup Poll finds 55% want Australians brought home from Vietnam.
  • Improve/ubgrade of Forces

    The Prime Minister announces the bulk of Australian forces in South Vietnam are to be withdrawn, leaving only a modified training team. The period of fighting reduced from two years to 18 months.
  • Change of Rules

    Australian Labor Party elected to Government.
  • Close to ending the War?

    Australia’s military commitment in South Vietnam ends, although controversy about the precise end date of the war continues

    Ceasefire Begins
  • Withdrawal

    Australia closes its embassy in Saigon, completing withdrawal from Vietnam on ANZAC Day.