Vietnam War

  • Background to the the war

    The french lost control to Ho Chi Minh's Viet Minh forces in 1954 at Dieh Bieh Phu
  • 17 parallel

    The vietnam war was divided at the 17 parallel. It was diveded between North and South Vietnam and was because of the result of Chinese and Genvea. This ended the French War in Vietnam.
  • The start of the war

    This was a war that was fought between Vietnam, Cambodia, and Loas. The communist forces wanted to expand there territory to include these certain countrys.
  • Fall of Saigon

    This event marked the end of Vietnam war and started the transition period leading to the formal reunification Vietnam into the communitst state
  • Farming Village

    The men of Charlie Company of the 11th bridge of the Americal Division entered the village My Lai entered the annals of history, Lieutenant William Conley Jr had directed the masacre. He killed 109 Vietnamese including the babies. He was convicted for crime.
  • Kent state

    Kent state was known for the May 4 Massacre. Some of the students from Kent state had been shot because they were protesting against the American invasion of Cambodia. That was when president Nixon announced in a telivison address April 30.
  • Vietnam Ended