Us history vietnam war

Vietnam War

  • Ho Chi Mihn

    Ho Chi Mihn
    February 28, 1946 Ho Chi Mihn asked the President of the United States to help Vietnam get their independence. He sent a letter to Harry S. Truman; the president during that time, to support them.
  • First US Combat Death

    First US Combat Death
    The beginning of the war was said to have started on December 22, 1961. This was the supposed date because the first American serviceman died in combat.
  • John F. Kennedy's Press Conference

    John F. Kennedy's Press Conference
    In July 1963 John F. Kennedy reported that he would not be taking the troops out of Vietnam. He said without them there, South Vietnam would collapse, thus Southeast Asia.
  • Tonkin Gulf Incident

    Tonkin Gulf Incident
    The Tonkin Gulf Incident occured on August 2, 1964. The USS Maddox attacked three North Vietamese torpedo boats. All of the torpedo boats were damaged, and four North Vietamese soldiers were killed. There were no U.S. casualties resulting from the battle.
  • North Vietamese troops sent to South

    North Vietamese troops sent to South
    On October 1963 troops were sent down into South Vietamese. North Vietamese troops were numbered drastically from October 1964 to May 1965.
  • Tet Offensive

    On January 31, 1968 North Vietamese set waves of attacks on the U.S. The fighting lasted for months. Viet COng lost 37,000 fighters, while the U.S. lost 2,500 men.
  • HO CHi Mihn Dies

    HO CHi Mihn Dies
    On September 3, 1969 Ho Chi Minh died. He was at the age of 79. His family put his body in a mausoleum on display.
  • Vietnam War Ends

    Vietnam War Ends
    ON March 29, 1973 The Vietnam war finally ended. The last soldier to left Vietnam to head back to the U.S. on this date. There were 60,000 casualties, 150,000 wounded and 1,000 men missing in action.